[RELEASE] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

Trust me, I know. I usually check the docs once, get disappointed and finally befuddle my way through. But, they've been getting better lately.

The sad part is that i really believed it when I told myself I would relax now that v3.1 is out, but here I am building out this new WS system.


You? Relax? Uh-huh... I'll believe it when I see it. LOL

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Ooh. I like this. Looking forward to it.

I still have zero errors in the logs. I added 2 more Echo Dots to ES for a total of 3 atm, and all are functioning from the device page and in rules (RM4). I am not experiencing any perceived lag or slowdowns and Hub Watchdog numbers have remained the same since prior to installation. I'm going to watch this until tomorrow before I do anything else with it.

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Found bug in 3.1.
"Stop" command used to stop playback doesn't work anymore(was working in 2 and 3.0)

[error]Echo (v3.1.0.1) | PauseCommand | Improperly formatted request sent to Amazon | Msg: Bad Request

def stop() {
logTrace("stop() command received...")
if(isCommandTypeAllowed("mediaPlayer")) {
if(isStateChange(device, "status", "stopped")) {
sendEvent(name: "status", value: "stopped", descriptionText: "Player Status is stopped", display: true, displayed: true)

I've tried to simply replace PauseCommand with StopCommand in the driver code above, but it didn't help, so the solution is not this simple :slight_smile:

EDIT: Pause command doesn't work also
Echo (v3.1.0.1) | PauseCommand | Improperly formatted request sent to Amazon | Msg: Bad Request

I will get it fixed today. Thanks for reporting

Update your device to the latest and the issue is fixed

Thanks a lot. It's working now.

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Wow awesome work Tonesto7 !! Are you done with the tweaks or you still going at it? Just waiting to see how much my donation is going to cost me because I never thought I see a hubitat echo App run so smooth and bring so much easy to use functionality. This should be a built in App. :+1::+1::+1:


I'm done with this release... I'm on the v3.2 :wink:

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@tonesto7 I’m getting this error on 2 of the dots. It carries over after the driver update. I didn’t have this error in the logs prior.

I am getting this on my speakers with the latest update...

[dev:4348]( 04:46:34.426 pm [error]( (v3.1.0.2) | getWifiDetails | Improperly formatted request sent to Amazon | Msg: Bad Request

You guys will start seeing a lot more detailed exceptions now. You guys used to only see the general errors. The errors will be much more detailed.

So now I'll have a detailed misunderstanding of what's going on? Awesome :wink:

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This issue is either with certain Amazon endpoints or something with the hub.

The question is do you see these issues on ST?

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I am only getting the errors with the 2 2nd gen echo dots. I still have no errors on the echo 2nd gen.

Today I came home and didn't get my Welcome home announcement, however it shows in the logs that it sent the msg to ES.

10 mins after getting home on Wed, I get an announcement that tomorrow is trash day, take out the trash, it repeats every 10 mins until we turn off the VS. Today we got the push but didn't get the announcement through ES UNTIL the second time through, then we got it, even though both times it was sent to ES.

A few errors in the log

Let me know if you need anything else

Oh NO do we dare update the hub??? ES is running so well New Version Available: and from looking at at the Change logs ES is worth more than anything in there to me.