[RELEASE] Eaton XConfort Driver

Hey fells,

When I purchase my C-7, I already had a Eaton XComfort hub which controls some of the wall outlets and lights.

Since I was using some radio signals ( not Zigbee or Z-Wave ) to control them, I was not able to add these actuators in to the C-7.

So, I wanted to create a small driver to control my Eaton actuators via my Eaton XComfort hub.

This driver can swith on/off any Eaton XComfort controlled actuator. But this drivers needs a lot of improvements of course.

Drivers :
Switch : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vpsupun/hubitat/master/EatonXComfortSwitch.groovy
Dimmer: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vpsupun/hubitat/master/EatonXComfortDimmer.groovy

in development :

  • Control the device by providing the zone name and device label name ( instead of the zoneID and deviceID ) - DONE

P. S. : I'm not a developer by profession. So my code might be ugly :face_with_peeking_eye: . But it works :sunglasses: though.

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Updates :

  • Complience with dashboards, rules, etc
  • Auto polling the status
  • Zone and device name (auto discover zone and device IDs) are supported now
  • Works with dimmers too [ if you need to use full dimmer features, please use, this ]
  • Added a feature to get upto date about the new updates ( update information )
  • Started using state variables instead of attributes
  • Handled some error situations

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