[Release] DTE Energy Bridge v1 Power Meter

This is a driver for the original DTE Energy Bridge v1 (the square device with a blue ring around the side and status LED on top center). (DTE is a Michigan electric utility)

This version of the device was replaced by a v2 which came with a subscription cost that I didn't find any value in paying. I still had my v1 laying around and after reading how easy it was to poll it for my home's current energy consumption, I hacked together this driver to get the data into Hubitat. DTE was nice enough not to brick the devices when v2 came around so it saved me the expense and installation headache of buying the Aeotec clamp-on meter.

The driver simply polls http://<bridgeIp>/instantaneousdemand with an asynchttpGet every few seconds, parses the very simple response into a watt value and sends an event with the PowerMeter capability.
Add your bridge's IP and set a polling interval (default 5 seconds) and you're good to go.

My own use is to join the output of this with a RM notification if I start to approach my service panel's limit as we only have 100A service. I'm also feeding the data into InfluxDB with the InfluxDB logger app for long term analysis.

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