[Release] Driver for Pixela

I just created a driver to interact with Pixela.

Currently, the driver allows you to send increments and decrements to the Pixela API.

If you don't know pixela (I didn't know until yesterday), Allow you to track things. It is a very simple API that allows you to track actions, resulting in this type of graph (They are 3 types of graphs, I believe):

You can follow the process to create a user on the pixela docs: Pixela | Record and Track your habits or effort. All by API.
I build this small driver for myself, so if someone shows interest, I can create helpers to create a user and a graph.

The driver generates HTML that allows adding these graphs into dashboards. Kinda assume that you are only using the API via this driver to update the graph, But you can directly use the image tile and add the URL and use the refresh option already provide by hubitat.

My daughter was born last week and talking about tracking a baby, we mention that will be great to have a button at home that allows counting the times that poo and pee.
I found this platform and created this driver. Pretty happy to be honest.

The pixela guys have a Patreon that allows you to access extra features; it is pretty inexpensive, so if you decide to use pixela, consider joining their Patreon.

You can access the driver here:

Or searching pixela on the Package Manager App.

You're gonna burn that button out :rofl: Then when it really gets bad (around 7 months) you're gonna be to exausted from wrestling with her while changing a diaper (especially if it's cloth) in order not to get any back on her or the surrounding walls, that you would rather just collapse where you are than press a button... The changing table itself will become just something you have because you will learn to change wherever you are. :rofl: It doesn't get any better when they're teenagers.


I won't lose hope!!! Not yet
Also, the action is on our phones as direct access. Ready for any circumstance. Anyhow yeah, I love to overarquitecture my life :slight_smile:

I just connect this to my google home, Hey google :slight_smile:

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