[RELEASE] Device Watchdog

A bit more information - this may or may not have anything to do with not turning on the device when there's an issue:
I've been getting notifications from hubitat that simply say "Nothing to report". I haven't been able to determine what app is sending them yet. As you can see below, I have Device Watchdog configured to only send a push if there is something to report, so I assume it should not be coming from there.
I'm just wondering if there is something in the underlying logic about when to send a push and when to turn on a switch where I've configured things in the wrong direction. Happy to post logs but I'm not sure what to post.

I would need to see a screenshot of the debug log when triggering the report.

Hi @bptworld , how do I configure "Status report" so that it only reports devices for specific status. for example "not present", I don't want to have report, I would like to have report only when there is something to pay attention to, for example to replace battery or re-connect sensor, makes sense?

The status report simply shows you the current status and the last activity date for any device.

Use the battery report

Use the Activity report

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Thanks, I am configuring "Activity" report, however I don't see why you can't add same option for "Status" report as for Activity, namely "App will only display NON-PRESENT Devices"
Reason I am saying that I found Status report very accurately detects ZigBee device issue as most of the device report presence nowadays. You can have additional Filter option for filtering NON-PRESENT status only, again it works very well and I don't see why limit Status to what it is now and not include option to report NON-PRESENT devices.

You will need to test... Currently, the battery-powered devices that use TS004F driver will report 'healthStatus offline' after 12 hours of no any activity received form the device - key press or battery report or anything else

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This accurately reflects offline status.

I haven't changed the color of the dashboard tile yet, and I haven't received the notification with the requested telegram.

I am going to test the offline reflection on the dashboard today.

It's reflected well.

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When the battery is normal, after a day, it switches to the offline display.
If you press the button, it's online.

Thank you for the tests!

Here the important result is that Device Watchdog works fine and as expected, generating reports based on the new healthStatus custom attribute.

For the issue with the particular device and driver - let's continue the troubleshooting the the thread of the particular driver used.

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I hope that HE will officially add the On/Off check function later and display it in a small circle at the top left of the dashboard.

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I recently installed this app, but the "Switch Device(s) to Enable Disable Switch" doesnt seem to work..
in spite of turningon/off the "Switch" device being on/off, it still sends the report at the scheduled time.
what I found was I had to go into the app and click done after changing the state of the Enable/Disable switch turning off/on for it to work as expected..
So I cannot just turn the switch on/off and the reports start coming again or stop ..
would it be posiible help me understand how the enable/disable switch works.


Select a switch (most use a virtual switch) to control the app. When that switch is on, the app is disabled, when the switch is off - the app is enabled.

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I installed the app and noticed the only option is to check every x hours is that correct? I have a plug installed in the same circuit as my freezer i would like to poll every 5 (or even 15) minutes to determine if the breaker is offline. The reason I want to do this is I was doing work downstairs and we only noticed the power was out in the freezer days later which wasted over 500.00 in groceries. i don't want to make the same mistake again. I'm also confused as to what i need to do to setup Device Watchdog. is there a guide somewhere (I tried reading as much as i could from here but could not find anything). Thank you for the app!

What's the type of your plug?
How often does it send any event?

Sorry for the late reply. Just had a power outage and flood to deal with. What I use is a Generic Zigbee Outlet. Assuming I am looking at the right location the only time the plug provides an update is when it turns on or off?

You can try this driver : New: Third Reality Power monitoring plug - #60 by jonathanb

It checks the plug online/offline status periodically and you can use the Device Watchdog app to notify you when the power goes off or drops off the Zigbee network for any reason.

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Thank You. I will have a look at that driver instead of the one i'm using

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Does anyone know a way to get report results out to an HTTPPost?

I wrote myself a little webservice to keep track of device activity. I was hoping I can get the results of a Watchdog Inactive report over to that web service.