[RELEASE] Device Activity Check - Get notifications for "inactive" devices

Yes, I think it may be done through RM: if there isn´t one notification, the rule send another...

Anyway, thanks not only for the useful app, but also for the fast response!

Several questions.
My 85 year old dad has a hub and I have a hub, I setup my phone on his hub and if I was signed into the app with his account, I DID get the notification, however if I was signed into my hub I do not get the notification.
Q1. Is there a way in this case to get the notification when signed into my account?
Q2.Could you add an option to skip the date time missing for each device.... so if you had 3 devices missing, just notify "kitchen light, garage light, bathroom light" (skipping all the date/time) which is really extra noise.
Q3.Any chance the notification could be to an email address...this would make it better to get an email for my dads hub and my hub.... i have several gmail filters that forward to text so I could get email and text.
Thanks for a great app, back when i had to rely on battery reports it was a mess.

The Hubitat mobile app can only be signed in to one account and be associated with one hub at a time. To get notifications from multiple huhs, you'll need either another solution (Pushover, etc.) or to share the notification device between multiple hubs, possibly with something like HubConnect.

Building in email functionality directly is not possible, or at least not something that is easily done or I'd be interested in trying. However, there are at least a couple community options you can use for email, so if you're able to find one and it can use the same command as a device notification, you can just use that with this or any app.

I'm not sure if I'll consider removing date/time; keep in mind that there are various options and time is only one, and I personally find it helpful to know why a specific devce us in the list. There are some options that can format this differently already if that's helpful, though.

I second the idea of using pushover. It has a one time cost and I believe has a limit of 1000 notifications per month. There is a community driver that extends its configurability and it can still push notifications even when the phone is in silent or sleep modes.


All Pushover users can send notifications to their own devices or to any other user's devices through our API, E-mail Gateway, or any Pushover-enabled app or service. Each user can send up to 10,000 messages per month for free. Users needing to send larger amounts of notifications can easily upgrade sending capacity through our website.


Thank you for the correction.

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I think the free version has the limited amount of messages.

Been using Device Activity Check for a long while (thank you for it) using HEmail app to get a full report from two hubs daily.

Recently got a new phone and switched the communication path to the built-in HE notifications mechanism. Now when these Device Activity notifications flash up on the phone I get two lines with no apparent means to expand on what I know to me a little longer list of devices.

This is likely going to get a " welcome to the world of HE notifications on iPhone " response...but before I go back to using HEmail to get this routed to an sms email in order to "see it all" I thought I'd ask if there's something I don't have set right. Even when I use the HE App on the phone to look at the last 20 notifications I don't see a means to get the full DA Check List.

Thanks in advance for responding to something everybody else probably already knows about.

If you're talking about the notification preview, this is more of an iOS question than anything Hubitat-specific, but it's been discussed before, notably in the posts around here in this thread:

Or, since you mentioned iPhone: just a press-and-hold on the notification preview (e.g., on the lock screen or banner from the OS) should expand to the full text, or at least as much as can fit on your screen.

However, in the Hubitat app itself: apparently, Android uses can press and hold on the notification text in Tools > Notifications to see the full thing, with this place providing a history of the last several notifications. That part seems to be broken. I think it was informally reported here a while back but doesn't appear to have been addressed.

Much obliged, for the reply & discussion references. The iOS stuff is new ground for me.

I get the following on one of my C7 hubs on platform when I try to manually run the Device Activity Check:

Logs show the following:

@bertabcd1234, any recommendations? I’m thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling unless there are other steps that could be tried.

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I recently saw this myself on 2.3.2 and suspect it might be related to a change in the update. Unfortunately, like you, there is nothing in the logs for me to actually see where the error is, so I'll have to do some guessing. A protect for this weekend, maybe. :slight_smile: FWIW, "regular" notifications still work for me.


Same error here. Uninstall and reinstall didn't solve the problem.

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I'm getting the same error now that I'm on I last successfuly ran a manual report a few days ago, probably when I was running .126 or .125.

It is probably related to some hub updated: another app I use to send notifications - Lock History, developed by @thebearmay - is facing the same issue when I try to access some functions.

I took a look at this and, unfortunately, wasn't able to find anything wrong--nothing inside the page is throwing an error that I can see, and it even appears a proper Map gets generated for the page (this is ultimately the data type returned from the method, as far as I know, though it's not documented--logging it before returning it shows valid output with data I expect to see). I suspect there is something inside this Map that Hubitat does not like but isn't passing a useful error out to the logs about.

I will probably just end up re-doing page and see how far I can get before things break to get a better idea of where that might be. Or maybe I'll just get lucky and whatever I do this time won't break at all. :slight_smile: I'm just really not sure how to troubleshoot with the lack of information, other than something about page rendering in 2.3.2 must have changed to cause this "error" (or blank page, depending on how I get there) compared to 2.3.1. Bad news is this will take me a bit longer; good news is that what I'd consider the main functionality of this app, actual notifications, is unaffected so this is just a display issue with the "view/test" page.


I found out messing with the Influx Logger app having a similar problem it is something with nested sections. If you comment out line 267 and the subsequent closing } at the bottom then it works (may not display exactly as intended?)

Other post with similar issue: InfluxDB Logger issue - #16 by jtp10181


Good eye, and thanks for catching that! (I actually didn't think nested sections were ever valid and probably didn't intend to to this at all--I'm guessing I only wanted the one inside the if, and I suspect I use to have only the one outside before more recent changes). I've tested this change on platform 2.3.2, and it works as expected. I've released a small update to the app, version 2.0.1, with just this change. Thanks again!


Robert - @bertabcd1234 Would it be possible to add an option to not run the app if a switch is on (or off). I use a virtual switch to disable most notifications when out of the country, both to reduce cellular costs, and the time shift of when I would get notified. Thanks.

This would be possible in the future. For now, you could just use a virtual switch instead of a schedule (I assume you're asking because you're using the built-in scheduler), then schedule the switch as you wish (e.g., with a rule). Then with however you schedule turning on that switch, just avoid doing it under whatever conditions you don't want it to happen. Just an idea for the moment!


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