[RELEASE] DarkSky.net Weather Driver, no PWS Required

Hi @Matthew - I can't get percentPrecip to work properly. On the device page, at the top under "current states", it reads 19 and never changes. This value of 19 is what gets set if I try to reference the parameter into a variable.

Direcrly below this in the weather summary text, it shows a value of 25...

In the data section at the bottom of the device page today it reads 25 (which matches the weather summary) and that value changes correctly on a daily basis after I poll the data again.

How to get the percentPrecip data to update properly into a variable instead of being 19 all the time?

First question is do you have that optional attrbribute turned on?

If you don't have it turned on, then it will not update in the 'Current States' or change for any dashboard or Rule Machine. If you do have it turned on, then I need to fix something. Let me know which, please.

Thanks. Will check it again...

Yes, both options are on. I've polled again and refreshed. Still no change to the current states value for PercentPrecip. It remains on 19.

Okay, Thanks for checking. I'll look into it.

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Since DarkSky was purchased by Apple, Apple has discontinued issuing new API Keys. If you had a valid API Key it is support to continue working through 2021. If you do not have one this driver will not work for you. Try this one instead:

I cannot replicate this? Mine changes in all appropriate places ('Current States', 'data', 'Tile' attributes). I looked at the code and do not see any obvious reasons for what you are describing.

Only suggestions are to clear your browser cache, reboot the Hub, reboot the PC.

Ok, thanks will try that. But it's been like this for a while on my system so not sure what it can be. Maybe I will try to reload the driver code. Anyway, will also try what you suggest. Sorry for the trouble and thanks again.

Reloaded the driver code and now it is fine.
Sorry to bother you.
Thanks again!

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Since latest update V1.4.1, receiving following errors


Are you sure this is this driver? There is no 'getWeatherData' routine in this driver? Click on the 'dev:1227' in the log and see which driver these warnings are associated with.

Sorry, weather.gov

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Any idea what is causing these errors in the logs?

There are no latitude or longitude coordinates in the request URL (both are null). Check that you have those set in your Hub's settings or that your are using the location override and the Latitude and Longitude coordinates have been populated.

I turned on the override and see Longitude and Latitude coordinates have been populated, but the same error is showing in the logs. I pressed the poll data and refresh to see if that would force it to refresh properly, but that same error comes up every time.

Are you clicking 'Save Preferences' after you make changes? You need to.

Yes I did. Did it again. I guess second time was a charm. Seems to be updating now.

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Other suggestions .... clear your browser cache .... reboot hub.

Glad it is working for you now.