[Release] Daily Reminder

Derived from a request in the

thread. This simple app allows the user to upload a text file of dates and associated notices and have it drive output to a hub variable (probably expand in the near future) on the date requested.

The app source can be loaded via HPM or directly from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/apps/dlyReminder.groovy

App expects that you will load a date (multiple formats available) sorted text file* to the hub, supply it with the name of the file and a hub variable, and press the Load File and Start Daily Processing button. When you have done that the app will read the file and find either the current or next day's record, and set the variable according to the preferences you've selected. In addition it will schedule a job to run at 00:05 every day to reprocess your text file.

Additionally, options have been added to allow for notification devices (if notification devices are used the app will ask for a standard time to notify so that you don't get one at 00:06) and switches to be turned on the day of the event.

* record format should have the date, a space, the message to be displayed and be terminated by a line feed.


Hi @thebearmay - I've been using three instances of the Daily Reminder (replacing my previous huge RM rules) to populate tiles with schedules for various sports events. I had wondered what would happen following the last entry in the .txt file and I got my answer when the MotoGP season ended last Sunday. The tile shows "No future events to display" which is great, however it looks like my tile is displaying the html as well. So I'm seeing the following on the tile truncated:

<span style='color:black;background-color:red'>&nbsp;No future events to display&nbs...

In the hub settings page, it shows corrrectly:

I'm guessing that it's because SharpTools does not apply that styling. Is there any way to deal with that so that my tile shows just "No future events to display". Thanks

Should be an easy change. Let me take a look.


v0.1.2 should have an option in the additional options page to suppress CSS in the output


Genius - updated via HPM, flicked that option on and clicked the 'Load file and start daily processing' - sorted. Thanks so much for making that change, it's appreciated.


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