[RELEASE] Concord 4 Alarm Panel

Hello, everyone. I migrated from ST to HE recently and found that I would have to migrate the handler/server for my Concord 4 alarm panel myself. I ended up with something very different but hopefully equally as useful.

This project will be useful to you if you were on ST using the following driver/app combo:

I know that this is a very niche device. It assumes you have not only a Concord 4 security panel, but also a Superbus 2000 automation module and a raspberry pi (or similar) to service the Superbus 2000's USB connection. Frankly, I'd be happy if even one person found this useful. But even if not, it's doing what I want it to. And I (hopefully) learned a lot in the process.

Anyway, if anyone stumbles upon this and finds it useful, please let me know.

Link to my new project below:

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