[RELEASE] Combined Presence

I have only managed to get Alexa to work with a single user/phone. Is this the same for you or have you found a way to use Alexa geolocation with multiple people?

I use it with both my wife and myself.

I don't have multiple people in one app. I just use separate Combined Presence app for each person

How did you manage to do that? Is it a single Amazon account or multiple?

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We have separate accounts. I assume the problem your having is how does the other account access the HE devices?

I can't do a direct command to a device on my wife's phone but I can use the Custom commands and enter a phrase i.e turn on "Switch". Switch being whatever switch you want turned on. I have two virtual switches one for me and one for her. When we leave the Geofence it turns off our corresponding switch and on when we arrive. On my phone I can do a simple turn on/off switch since all the HE devices are on my account. On her phone I use the custom command. You type in the phrase as if your standing at a device. You also must point the phrase to a particular echo device on your account. So when ever she arrives or leaves the device I use, which is in my office, will give a notification tone indicating it just completed a command.

Wondering the same, just have my account on Alexa right now.

Yeah I basically do the same with my current setup, except I don't do a custom command I just turn the switch on or off. But maybe my Alexa setup just isn't suited toward multiple users since I have a single Alexa account for the house, and then everyone logs into that same account under a different profile. It is less than ideal, but outside of the, imo horribly restrictive Amazon Households, there is not a lot I can do. I honestly just wish Amazon would copy Google in that sense and allow any Amazon account to be invited to any Alexa smart home. The fact that you cannot have two Alexa enabled households without multiple instances of the app, or requiring the user to log out and in every time, is just beyond me.

If you are using multiple Alexa accounts altogether, first how do both accounts have access to the same Smart Home devices, and second, how do both accounts communicate with Hubitat?

Some time back they made it so that two accounts in a household can both control devices in that household from their account. They may allow more I don't know, we have only ever had two.

If my wife switches a device to her account to play her music she can still use Alexa commands to run Smart home devices. She can do anything via voice command that can be done while logged into my account. She cannot, however, create routines on her phone that use the HE devices only I can do that on my phone. However, just as with controlling devices, she can run any routine via a voice command that I create while logged into her account.

This is why custom commands work, it is basically the same as standing in front of a device and speaking a command. So the routine on her phone does not do use the smarthome commands to set a switch to on or off. The routine sets up a voice command to turn the switch on or off.

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Does this app have a feature that prevents it from multiple firing of its output presence?

The "Standard Combiner" does. I don't believe the boolean and advanced combiners do. I should probably add that in when I get some free time.

I'm using the Standard Combiner, but getting multiple outputs to presence. You can see I got two triggers to "arrived"

Are you updated to the very latest version?

Think so. I use the App Manager. The last modification for the Presence app is August 11.

It looks like your device driver is sending two "arrived" events, only 8 milliseconds apart. Is that correct?

Is app:100 a Rule that triggers based off the combined presence sensor? What is app:8 in your logs? It doesn't look like the logs that Combined Presence makes.

Third question: Do you have logging turned on in Combined Presence? Can you turn it on and send what it does?

First off this doesn't happen that often. I just wanted to know that the app was designed to not keep triggering a presence.

App 100 is a rule that triggers a bunch of things when I get home.
App 8 the one of the Presence sensors. I use three: Alex app, HE app and a macro using Macrodroid. App 8 is the Macrodroid sensor. And I'm using wifi sensor in the Combined Presence App.

I'll turn logging on now . I have to run an errand so let's see what it comes up with.

Worked fine this time.

My theory is that if 2 input events come in close enough (like milliseconds apart), the first one will not have finished triggering before the 2nd one starts. LOL, somewhere else on this board there was a giant discussion about race conditions, and effective locking/semaphore structures. I myself somewhat poo-pooed the discussion, saying my code didn't really need locking. Well, the poo is on me now. :slight_smile: This definitely looks like a race condition. Fortunately, the side effects are minor.

Thanks for thinking about this situation. Yeah, I think you are right. Hopefully it doesn't happen that often