[Release] [Beta] Slack Notifications (v. 0.10)

It's on my top 10 list of things I always install on any new device (PC, laptop, phone, etc). I use Slack for work, but also at home for all sorts of things. There's a NodeRed node for it as well. :wink:

But, you know how I like to label things as "rabbit holes"? Slack is a rabbit hole once you start integrating stuff into it. :wink:


Just got through my first app install. Very interesting. In some ways it reminds me of Lotus Notes of centuries ago.

Worse... think IRC... on steroids...

Funny fact, I used to be a Lotus Notes developer back in the late 90s. I also wrote one of the first proof of concept "viruses" for it as well. Using LotusScript and some embedded C++, I was able to get it to launch a command prompt and type out "deltree /y" and just sit there and wait for the return key to be pressed. IBM kept telling me it couldn't be done until I showed them, yes, it could be. :smiley:


I hope that goes into your autobiography.


It's been on my resume for years actually. LOL


Still new to hubitat and its community. Not familiar with where you'd stash the beta of this driver. Is it GA to beta volunteers? Is there source code (I'd <3 to learn from it)? Thanks for any info! Best regards, Mike

Hi Mike! Welcome to the community :cowboy_hat_face:

This beta is available for anyone to use---simply copy the driver code in from my first post and follow the rest of the instructions to integrate it with your Hubitat setup.

I label things as beta when I haven't completed the feature set or when I haven't been able to test everything. In this case, what's there is tested and is reliably working (I use it for notifications at our office).

If you'd like to make any changes or add to the source, feel free to submit a PR to the GitHub file! Otherwise, enjoy using the Slack integration, and let me know if there's anything not covered in the first post in this thread.

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Are you planning on adding more features?

"So, I know I'm not real..."

The humor in program Q&A :rofl:

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Yes. Slack is my lowest-priority project right now, though.

Tayne is programmed to deliver some fun phrases. Heโ€™s based off of a Paul Rudd character from a Tim and Eric sketchโ€”Paul Ruddโ€™s computer, itโ€™s called.