[Release (Beta) 0.91] Wintop & Zipato Door/Window Sensor + Thermometer Driver

I've begun work on a driver for the Zipato Door/Window Contact Multi Sensor (With Thermometer), and it's super simple---which is good, I think.

These are also known as BeNext contact sensors.

Here's what they look like:

They're the cheapest z-wave contact sensors + thermometers that I've found on a consistent basis, and they also have pins for external contacts.


  • 0.9: Original Release

Known Issues:

  • Temperatures do not report (yet)
  • Battery does not report (yet)
  • Different alarm types don't work (yet).
  • Configuration parameters aren't set up (yet).

For now, it's simply a contact sensor :slight_smile:

Installation Instructions

1. Install the parent app


2. Install the child app


Pair your zipato contact sensor—it should pick up automatically based off of the fingerprint, or if you've already paired yours, click configure after installing the new drivers.

Device Manual

Original post

Just wondering if anyone knows of a SmartThings driver for these little Zipato/Wintop/MonoPrice/Other Z-Wave Door/Window + Thermometer sensors. They're also known as the iDoorSensors, from what I've seen.

I had them working with HASS very smoothly... through a lot of wizardry. Since they use BasicSet 0 or 255 to report contact instead of Binary, the standard contact sensor driver doesn't work---no drivers work for it (except for the DOME contact sensor, which only reports temperature from the device correctly). They also have an external contact pin, which is incredibly useful.

If nobody knows of a pre-existing driver for these, I'll get one written in the next few weeks. Just wanted to see if anyone else knows something I don't about this driver existing, beforehand :slight_smile:

Did you get this written? There are a few of these on sale here in Australia?

Not yet. They’ve been pretty low priority on my list is devices to increase WAF :wink:

Looking at them—they should be relatively easy to implement. Let me take a stab at these today.

Where did you find them for sale ??

75% off if you purchase 2 or more.

AUD22 is fantastic value for a humidity sensor, temp sensor, contact sensor and illuminance sensor.

Just not sure you can pair them with HE.

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I’m curious if those zipato sensors are the same. Ran out of time today—I’ll try and get to it tomorrow.

I have a beta driver installed and running in our office. I have tamper and contact working---I can get temperature working with a bit more time, but I wanted to let you know so that you can order them :slight_smile:

I've released the beta of this device. :cowboy_hat_face:

Edit: And added a preference to use external contact or internal contact.

Edit 2: In reality, these devices could allow for 3 child-contact sensors, which could be wired up to one of these to tell if each one is on... I might add that feature at some point in the future. For now, it will either detect external or internal contact, plus tamper. :slight_smile:

oh shoot, here comes another question from the wife....”did you buy something from....” he he.

Too good a price, even if they only do contact sending from the get go. :+1:t2::blush:


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I'm not sure they are the same device. They look very different to the picture above.

But at that price I’m taking a punt like I did with the Philip HEM :woozy_face:

We seem to be so fleeced compared to US.

Seems wasted money at present! Hope we can get a driver.

If they send different reports out—I will update a driver for that :wink:

If anyone else is using this, I've pushed an update that creates a child device for both external and magnetic contacts.

I have the magnetic and external contacts soldered onto a 3-switch, single-pole switch that I use as a digital switch. Works great!

Hey @adamkempenich and @mike, I grabbed a few of the Zipato Trio sensors from CapitalSmartHomes with the 75% off special and ended up using a driver @Royski tweaked because they are VERY different sensors to the image @adamkempenich posted.

They’ve been working great for contact, temp and illuminance.


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