[RELEASE] Battery Level Notifications




cool, gonna test this out. i'll report back with any bugs i may find. thanks

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Just installed this! Curious to see how it does.

Installed and configured, looks interesting so far.

Getting an error on every update though:
[error] java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'arrayH' on null object on line 451 (mainHandler)

LE: fixed, me thinks, by replacing
if($atomicState.arrayH."${listOfDevices[i]}" == "unresponsive")
if(atomicState.arrayH."${listOfDevices[i]}" == "unresponsive")

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Yes, sorry about that, there was a bad typo there and had not seen it until today. It's fixed now you might want to update the code with the latest version. I also made some mild improvements in terms of efficacy.

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Cheers, updated, will let you know if all is well.

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