[Release] Auto Dimmer App

My first app everyone. A lot of stuff in here from @mike.maxwell ST app and used @Botched1 dimmer sync app as a base. I really enjoyed using the autoDimmer app by @mike.maxwell for ST, and I wanted that functionality here. I decided to make a new app as a learning experience and also to leverage how Hubitat handles child apps to make the menus a little easier.

The app attempts to match dimmer levels to outside brightness conditions. It takes an illuminance measurement and compares it against a "curve" of illuminance/level settings to determine a desired dimmer level. When a dimmer is turned on it will be set to this level. It can also be set to change dimmer levels as the illuminance changes to keep them in sync.

Github Link

Multiple child instances can be made to set different lights to different levels, or for different modes. Also they could use different illuminance sensors if you have multiple.

This works for me and it makes it so when the hall lights come on they are always bright enough to help, but not super bright in the middle of the night. This is a different use case than setting brightness by mode in the Motion Lighting app. While that works great for when the dimmers come on via automation, they still come on at whatever there last value was when I ask google to turn them on. This covers anytime the dimmer is turned on.

There is one possible issues that doesn't match my use case, I'm not positive it won't get into a loop with some automations turning on the dimmer and setting the level. I don't think it will, but I have my automations set to simply turn the dimmer on now (let this app set the level). If it does cause issues I might need help from someone else coming up with a way around that since I don't know an easy way to tell what set the dimmer.


Thanks, @crouse.sam, this is just what I was looking for! In combination with my simple motion instance I'm able to set the hall light as I wish.

I'm surprised your app hasn't received a good deal of attention... I guess I'm out of the mainstream AGAIN :joy:

I just barely started using your app but I found an error in the logs which occurred when I went back into the child to change the level settings. It says

My illuminance sensor ranges from 0-1000 so these are the settings I entered

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I'm glad someone is using it! I will turn the debug logging back on mine and see if I can get something similar to happen.

Does it still work with the errors?

Yes, it works fine. Thanks for sharing!

Great app! I was looking for the autoDimmer app @mike.maxwell wrote for ST back in the day. Tried it but needs a bit of changes to port over to Hubitat. Happy to see there was an alternative that required little effort on my part. Thanks!

Ha, I'm still using it in production, all ported, let me see what can be done about getting it to you all...


here you go:

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