[RELEASE] Athom Human Presence Sensor Driver

I created a driver using the ESPHome Hubitat Toolkit for the Athom Human Presence Sensor. @jonathanb was kind enough to accept my pull request to add it to his repository.


  • ESPHome Hubitat Toolkit


  • Install the ESPHome Hubitat Toolkit. The easiest way to accomplish this is by adding it via the Hubitat Package Manager (HPM). You can also manually install it as instructed in the link above.
  • Install the Athom Human Presence driver.
  • Go to Devices section and + Add Device -> Virtual
  • Enter a Device Name (e.g., Family Room Occupancy)
  • Set the Type to Athom Human Presence Sensor
  • Save Device
  • Edit your new device and set its preferences (e.g., IP Address, Credentials)

Currently the driver provides the following states.

  • illuminance
  • mmwave
  • motion
  • networkStatus
  • pir

The majority of this code was lifted from the Everything Presence One driver.