[RELEASE] Anthem MRX x40 Receivers

Anthem MRX x40 Receiver Driver

This driver for Hubitat hub enables support for Anthem MRX x40 series Receivers.
This driver support multi-zone operation and allows for control of each receiver zone independently.


  1. Multiple Zone Support: The driver creates a sub-device for each selected
    zone, allowing full control of each zone separately. This enables users to
    manage different zones with ease and flexibility.
  2. Event Listening: Devices also listen to events from the receiver, so the
    device will reflect the current state of the device when changed through other
    means. This ensures up-to-date information and seamless integration with
    automation workflows.


  1. Install main driver from here
  2. Install zone driver from here
  3. Create a virtual device and select the Anthem MRX x40 Receiver Driver as the driver for the virtual device
  4. Configure the IP address for the receiver (see below)
  5. Configure which zone you want active (select at least 1)

Feedback and Comments

We appreciate feedback and comments from the community! Feel free to share your thoughts, report issues, in the github[.]com/yonatan-mitmit/HubitatAnthem

(I cannot post links and hope to revise this post with better instructions in the future)


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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This is fantastic!!! Really appreciate this as Anthem Receiver owner.

Out of curiosity, what have you automated or envisioned with this driver? The sheer amount of commands you've exposed is enormous!

The plan is to create input switchers with Alexa. So that “movie mode” turns everything on, dims the lights and sets the receiver on the right Apple TV input.

Was disappointed to discover theHubitat skill in Alexa doesn’t support media switching and volume control…

i was in the same boat - Alexa skill was not robust...debated getting a Firecube so it could integrate with the IR, but this is much better, and local.

Glad you found it useful.
If you figure out a way to get it usable within Alexa without needing to write a whole skill for it - let me know

I have a music server where you can select a playlist to listen to. This involves turning on the TV, opening the server UI and selecting a playlist. Can be tedious. Now using a zigbee button controller I can press a single button to start a playlist. No TV, no UI to contend with. Your driver powers the receiver and selects the proper input. HTTP calls to the server deals with starting the playlist. Great work and thanks for this driver.

So glad to hear you found it useful.
I have personally since transitioned to Home Assistant, but I'm really pleased to see this helps people in the Hubitat community.

Hey there, first up, thanks for contributing this driver. Automation for my home theater is why I got into hubitat in the first place, so this helps. I added the driver and followed the instructions, but I am unable to connect to my MRX1140. I was able to establish a tcp connection by running nc on the terminal, so there doesnt seem to be an issue with the connection itself. I get a connection timed out error. Anyone experienced the same with this driver and have a fix?

I switched over from Hubitat to Home Assistant.
Is there any error? Maybe I can try to assist..