[RELEASE] Advanced vThermostat - Virtual Thermostat HVAC control

Any chance of adding a circulate fan outlet/control? Reason being is that I would like to integrate the HVAC blower to come on if temperatures are more than 5 degrees apart among sensors throughout the house. I know this can be done with the rule machine, but would like to use the control buttons in the dashboard panel for thermostat as well.

Yes I was planning on adding fan control support in the near future, I'm being swamped at work right now and barely have time to work on this. As soon as I can get it implemented, I'll let you know, I was thinking of having it turn on when heating / cooling turns on and turn off an x amount of time after that. I was not planning on having more controls than that on the fan for now (just like a regular advcanced thermostat).

I have seen analysis that shows that running the fan in circulate mode is not very effective at equalizing temperatures. In other words, given the heat capacity of air, the airflow rates, and the temperature differences, the rate at which heat is moved from the warm areas to the cold areas is negligible.

I have been happily using this for my Thermostat needs and syncing to Google Home, but now it seems that the thermostat cannot be controlled any longer with Google, not by voice nor by screen.

I can still control it via my dashboard and the resultant change will be reflected near instantaneously in Google, but all changes made directly in Google home will briefly show, but then "roll back" and no change is made. You can see this behaviour here in this video.

Do you have any idea what might be going on here ?

Hi - I'm looking for (or looking to develop myself if I can't find one pre-made) something that will let me play with "comfortable temperature" calculations based on things like outdoor temperature, humidity, etc. A naive heat index calculation would be a start, but I'd like something with a little more flexibility.

Is that a feature you might add to this anytime soon? Can you recommend anything along those lines?

Just found @JohnRob's dew point calculator and it looks like it is very close to what I want. I may still tweak it a bit, but it probably will address by basic needs.

(My first app and how I stumbled through it (long read))

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This is kind of weird, I have it working perfectly with Echo devices and/or google mini and yet some users just can't get it to work, now you come here with he Google Home not working and to tell you the truth I'm stumped on this one, nothing changed on my side of the code, I have all the required methods in my code (even if it's not doing anything for some), works for some, doesn't work for others. I would really like to help on this one but I just don't know where to go to do that.

This is not a feature I would add to this for the only reason that this app/device is meant to imitate a regular connected thermostat.

I do believe this could be a very nice app to complement this and any other connected thermostat just like Thermostat Scheduler and/or Thermostat Controller do to make them more "intelligent". Just not something I would implement here since this thermostat is actually just used to control a dumb space heater more than anything. It is only as precise as the temp sensors you use and how fast they report temp changes unlike a regular thermostat that has instant access to the actual temp all the time.

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Yes, very strange, as it has worked really well up until now. As you mention, there have been no changes from your side and I haven't updated your app since installing so that must mean there is something on the Google Home side or due to updating hubitat (which i just did, from 2.2.4 to 2.2.6 ?

I also have some Google Mini's and the same situation there, I can ask for the change to temp, but it will not execute. However, making the change on Hubitat will almost immediately show the change in Google. So it seems to be from Google to Hubitat.

I will do some tests and report back.

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That makes sense. Thanks so much for getting back to me!

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@nclark Thank you for sharing. Exactly what I'm looking for controlling panel heater with temperature sensors and smart switch / power outlet.
Suggestion: Ability to disable "fan" in the preference as there is no fan in many heating appliances.
Thanks again.

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Just found this driver for a special control system i am building. It also does not respond/work for me with Alexa. The Alexa app shows "there was a problem", and doesn't present a control dialog for the device in the alexa android app.

Sonoff S31 lite Zigbee can be added, the relay they use is actually rated for 16A 240V so a meer 1800W is no big deal for it.

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So I got my Sonoff switches in and made my advanced vthermostats. They work great, thanks for the code @nclark !

Unfortunately that was only from the dashboard. From Google Home using either the app or the assistant the heat setpoints would not change. I'm using the official integration and it works fine for my physical zwave thermostat.

So I created a virtual thermostat using the built-in virtual device type and that can also be controlled fine from Google Home. Any idea why the vThermostat devices can't be controlled this way?

For now I have a rule that makes both Vthermostats track the virtual device setpoint but it's starting to feel a bit inception like with all these layers of obfuscation going on.

I have been using this app now for a long time and it was possible to change the setpoints in Google, but then it wasn't. I did update to firmware 2.2.6 from 2.2.4, but I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.

The problem is both that the thermostat cannot be changed on the Google dashboard, but also that it cannot be changed via voice.

I've been trying to figure this one out also, some people also report problems with Echo devices yet I don't have a problem, my daughter also can control via google Home but her hub is on old firmware, now that it's summer time and thermostats aren't working anymore, I'll update her hub and see if that effects anything on her side?

The code has still not had an update since it's release so if it worked before and not anymore, it must have something to do with firmware updates, I remember seing something about thermostats (capabilities) in the updates but did not think it would change anything, so I'll have to skim them and see if something has changed that would effect my code.

Well I just went through the last 5 hub updates just in case and did not see anything with capabilities, so that's not it. I will try a few things here and go get a used google home for testing :face_vomiting:.

Just had an idea about this, could you guys with this problem see if both your voice assistant and hubitat hub are using the same units (Celsius or Fahrenheit). This could be a problem that would not allow setpoints to change because you would be out of range? Just an idea!

I checked, although not too sure about where, to check, but in both my HE and Google Home I have the same scale, so therefore centigrade in both.

Since you mention this, could it be that this is only affecting Celsius users ? If so, then perhaps it is related to the change in version 0.6 ?

I was checking the App code and I cannot find the version number in there, so I just updated both the Parent and Child to, I assume version 0.7.

No change, still not able to set temperature via Google.

Nope, both of mine are definitely in Fahrenheit. I'm willing to re-add my Vthermostats to Google and send over any debug logging that would be useful, but not sure they'll be of any help as I didn't see anything in them even with everything turn up all the way.

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