Release Predicate disappears

Predicates sometimes disappear and have to be re-entered when editing a rule.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Edit an existing rule that has a predicate and multiple actions defined, including one or more conditional actions
  2. Make some edits to the actions (change condition, add/remove some actions)
  3. Click on Done with Actions

The predicates slider will still be enabled, but the predicate conditions are gone

I had reported this as well. I just posted this showing steps to reproduce.

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If you share Conditions into Predicate Conditions, and remove a Conditional Action that uses that condition, the condition will be removed and this will break the Predicate Conditions. Best to create Predicate Conditions separately, and not used pre-existing Conditions at all for Predicates.

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That would suggest the pre-existing conditions list is more than a convenience for reducing our typing load. Am I correct?

In the latest release, it no longer removes conditions associated with removing a Conditional Action.


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