Release 2.1.7 issues with HTTP POST

I updated to recently and noticed that a few Rule Machine 4.0 rules with HTTP POST actions don't seem to be running correctly. The changelog for 2.1.7 mentions HTTP POST fixes, but maybe the fix needs fixing? I reverted back to and the command below works again.

Type: json
URL: http://internal_ip:5555/jsonrpc/
Body: '{"method": "rate", "params": [1000]}'

The above command successfully tells NZBGet to set download speed to 1000 kbps.

Behavior on The above command fails to change download speed on NZBGet.

On a side note, Kudos to the Hubitat team for making reverting to previous firmware easy!

It still seems to be working for me, atlhough I only read RSS feeds for the same program.

I put the entire message in the URL box (Enter URL to send request to), and nothing in the second box entitled "Enter body for POST"


Thanks for your post. I thought I'd messed up the syntax of one of my rules which stopped working yesterday (no values are passed), but it appears to be a change of behaviour in

works in, but not in I've retreated for the moment.

That's why my post commands aren't working!

How do I fall back to a previous version?

(never mind. I figured out how to do it...)

@bravenel: Can we get a hotfix for this issue?

Will look into it.

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