Relay with feedback

Looking for either zigbee or zwave relay that can report back to the hub if the switch status matches the received status.
It's hooked up to my boiler and I need to know that it deffinatly has changed state.
Power reporting not really helpful as there is no real current draw.

Are there any that don't do this? As far as I know, all built-in Z-Wave and Zigbee drivers on Hubitat (and most community drivers) will send a "Z" command when, for example, an on() or off() command is send on the device/driver from the hub but will not actually update the attribute (under "Current States") until a report is received back from the device. However, nothing will inherently happen on its own if the state doesn't actually change, so in any case you'd still need to set something up to handle that much: an app or rule to try again, a notification, or whatever you want (likely from the same app/rule as there's no way for a different app to know if a command is simply sent).

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I am completely new to Zwave and have been playing with the ZoogZen 16 relay using the Habitat hub web interface, and confirm that the relay status is reported. But as bertabcd1234 notes above, an App or rule is needed to do something with the status information. Using much less making such an App is farther up the learning curve than I am now. I wonder where a newbie could go to learn about Apps, making, installing, and using them? It would be very helpful to find an example of a simple hello world type app that would repeat an on/off command when the device status did not change.

Here you go:

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This would be pretty simple in Rule Machine...

wait for event: elapsed time: 0:00:30
if (relay.state != 'on') then
... do something ...

I kind of do this with Node Red. If Nest turns on the hot water, I check 10 seconds later to see if its actually turned on, on Nest. If not I use TTS to tell me so. Then I run it again. A partial solution :slight_smile:

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There are some relays that do have problem with reporting states back to HE, but those are older ones non zwave plus relays (e.g. Fibaro relays). But even for those, you can find a driver that is able to solve this.

Cool. Thanks.

Good suggestion jcarreira, thanks. I look forward to using Rule machine, and Royski's Node Red, but they are above my pay grade at this time. I'm just getting started with Z-Wave and the priority now is improving Z-Wave reliability. A few of my devices usually respond quickly; others respond some of the time and slowly or not at all at other times. I suspect this may be a range issue but can not easily relocate the hub.