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I'm looking to make a dumb outlet into a wave outlet. I have used the Jasco Enbrighten outlets and they work brilliantly...just dining it hard to get them now...also not sure about the wave series (series 500 or earlier). I was wondering if something like the Zooz zen51 relay would work. I know it works with dumb switches, but will it work with an outlet???

I think the issue could be what is on the circut. Allot of light switches don't recomend using them with plugs because of the kind of load that can be applied to them.

The Zen52 which is what would give you control of two outlets would be limited by it's specs.

  • Maximum Loads: 500W incandescent, 150W LED bulbs, 5A resistive, 1/4 HP fan motors per channel

So the key here is if you happen to put something in that exceeds those specs but not what the outlet should be able to do then you will likely blow it. 5 amps is not enough. You probably need something that is rated 15amps.

The zen51 is a little bit better for specs with these ratings

  • Maximum Loads: 960W incandescent, 150W LED bulbs, 10A resistive, 1/2 HP fan motors

But with that you can still easily over load it.

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I used Aeotec Nano Switch (ZW139) at our old house. There was already an outlet controlled by a 4-way switch, so it was unlikely to be used for anything other than lighting.

Probably still a 500-series but rated up to 15A (depending on load type). Here are the tech specs if you wish to investigate. Here is the smart outlet on amazon if you are in the US. It is Zigbee so not zwave, but that shouldn't be a problem per se.

Here is the Zwave one

I am always worried someone is going to plug in a hair dryer or vacuum and fry something. I took all my switched outlets and wired them hot when I added smart switches. Then I got a plug for the ONE lamp I have. All the rest of the rooms have ceiling lighting already and had no need for switched outlets anyway.

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The majority of the plugs are going to be for lights (1-2 max). I guess there is always the problem of someone plugging in a larger device (vacuum or hairdryer). The 10 amp load is kinda ok...I was really looking for a 15 amp relay (similar rating to my existing wires).

There's also the Leviton ZW15R outlet, 15A 700 series Z-Wave.

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Word of caution on these -- I'm at 50% success rate (2 of 4) with these things staying online, and it's a known issue with this model. But a poster here recently said he was beta testing a new f/w for it and it was working slick, so fingers crossed they'll stabilize these better soon!

I do really like how clean-looking these are - no janky logos or over-the-top LED on the front etc.

That looks pretty dang good. I will give it a try...maybe stick to testing one at first though.

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