Relay Dimmer Suggestions/Integration Plan Feedback

Hi Everybody, looking for some advice. If I'm in the wrong forum topic please let me know where is correct for this.

I am planning on wiring recessed lights (LED, some requiring ELV dimming specifically) in the ceiling and considering using a relay (that may not be quite right, an inline dimmer) to turn on/off and dim rather than a traditional switch. I have some preliminary thoughts about whether this is a good idea.


  1. I don't have to find more places to put permanent switches cut into the wall. I can use a remote (Using Zooz ZEN34 elsewhere in the house) for manual switching and do most of the lighting changes via scenes and timers. Basically this is a smart version of the RunLessWire kits on Amazon.
  2. Similar to above, I don't need to have a switch for every light hard wired and a cutout in the wall. I have in mind 5+ circuits so I can dim individual lights for art lighting, task lighting, etc and that turns into a lot of bricks on the wall, unsightly.


  1. Access. If I put the relay in the attic with the wiring I will not be able to easily reset/repair/diagnose issues that are on the hardware side. I could potentially have an access box in a closet similar to a breaker box and house all relays there for accessibility. I don't know the line length limitations on signal wires between the relay and circuit, but if they can be very long and run alongside others in a conduit this is an option.
  2. Reliability? Tied to #1. If I go this route I want something that is very bulletproof. Resetting frequently will make this choice regrettable.

Looking for experience, feedback, opinions on this idea. Also, if this is an ok idea, I would appreciate suggestions for products that will meet my needs. I see there are numerous options out there, lutron, Shelly, so off, etc etc. Strong integration with HE is a desire.


Crickets in here, unfortunately. Did you end up grabbing any? I'm in the same boat right now.