Regular "Temp out of range" notifications ... from where?

I have some notifications set-up using the standard app. For some time now I am getting regular "Hubitat: Temp out of range" notifications on my phone but there is more information, such as device or even which hub, no record in the "past logs" or events anywhere.

I think I know which sensor it is, but looking at the settings on the device (which is INSIDE an outdoor refrigerator) there is nothing to change.


To help us all help you.....

When you say:

One way to confirm this is to open the "Devices" page for the HE hub in a browser and locate the device you think is being used and open that Device by clicking the link for it. Look at the bottom of the web page that is displayed, checking the "In Use By" section, confirming whether the device is used in the notification app you are describing. If not, let us know and we can guide you in identifying the device.

If you have identified the device correctly, some more information that would help is:

  • Take a screenshot of the app setup for the notification
  • Take a second screenshot of the device you are monitoring, the temperature sensor, showing the driver you are using and any preference settings for the device

The platform version may (or may not) be relevant, but including it never hurts....


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Ah! That guidance helped. I found it, it's my fault. I created a second notifier that I had named badly and forgotten about for the same sensor.

Sorry for the noise.

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All good mate... Always nice to help someone else out....

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