Regarding release notes

It would be nice if the full release notes about new firmware for the hub were shown in the Hubitat app.

E.g. It currently lists the changes from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 but not from to

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You're talking about this?

Because the LAST post is the change from to The MakerAPI cors issue (episode 3) :slight_smile:

I think he is discussing the update page in the hub. It currently only shows major releas changes and no information about hotfixes

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As far as I know, the release notes are updated to include the hot fix. Merged.

OH WAIT.. "hubitat APP" <-- I missed that.. my error. I have no idea :frowning: I've never seen the App, yet. (Don't need it or plan on ever needing it.)

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The issue with this is if you are looming at the update page and it says update from to There is nothing short of looking in the forum post to know what is being updated.

You are correct Hasty1. I just view the page from inside the Hubitat app on an Android phone.

As I said, I totally skipped over the critical words. :frowning: sorry for pin balling this off in the wrong direction.

Even if they just added a asterisk or some other symbol to indicate the change since the last update, it would certainly help. I don't mind going to the website to see details, but it sure would be nice to just see it on the update page of the hub.