Reference temperature

Hi all,

So i was trying to understand what is this reference temperature for?

This helps you set a temperature offset, so the value you see for "temperature" under "Current States" on the device page (also in your screenshot) will be adjusted by the difference between the current reported temperature (the temperature attribute) and the reference temperature you provide going forward.

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It is just a way to compensate if you feel your reported temperature is in error. If you have a thermometer that you trust that says it's 78 degrees when your device is reporting 80 - then you can enter 78 for the reference and Hubitat will subtract 2 degrees from your device reading from then on.

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i see. thanks! i thought it was something like that, its just that on other sensor it does says offset. but this makes sense now. thanks alot

I have 15 water sensors that also measure temperature, and I put them all in a box in my closet and set offsets so they were within .5 degrees Fahrenheit. That was 2 years ago. I recently purchased 6 Aqara temperature sensors, and chose to use the community-developed driver, and was disappointed that a device designed to measure temperature was so off compared to the water sensors. I put all three: 2 Acara temperature sensors, and one water sensor in the same freezer and left room around them to breath. The water sensor measured -4.xx degrees, and the other two were at -1.8 and -2.8 respectively. I realize that is not that far off, but when I hear that we have measurements from 100 years ago of the global temperature, and the temperature of the globe is .5 degrees hotter now, it makes me think that I cannot trust my own temperature sensors. Why wouldn't' the same model of sensor from the same company not agree? So, if I had a box of 15 sensors that agreed, should I set the two temperature sensors' offsets to match it, or should I assume the temperature sensors are more accurate and set the offsets to make them read the same by splitting the difference?

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