Rediscover existing it possible?

For various reasons I've had to rediscover devices already in my list.....dropouts, battery replace, etc... Bit of a pain to then have to go in to each associated Rule and reinstate. Is there a way that I can go through the discovery step then have it relink to the device in my list?

Yes, just rediscover the device and it should say previously paired device found.

If a zigbee device is reset, it can be paired to the hub again, then it should resume functioning as if nothing happened without any further need to fix/update your automations.

Unfortunately for a z-wave device, itโ€™s not as simple. If a Z-wave device gets reset and re-paired to the hub, the hub considers it a completely different device so you will need to update any automations that previously referenced that device.

Iโ€™m curious though, how many times have you had to do this? If itโ€™s happened several times or keeps occurring frequently, I would suggest troubleshooting the underlying cause(s) for devices that require rediscovery.

Thanks for your responses. Mike, I've not seen the 'previously paired device found'. I wonder if I have to delete the original device first? ...I'm not quite keen to test that yet.

Mark, nothing actually causing issues, I've just had to re-discover from a break in power. One was a flat battery on my Aeotec door sensor, the other was after reconfiguring the mains wiring to the Aeotec Nano dimmer.

I just figured Habitat would have a simpler way rather than having to re-do everything.

Surprisingly, after replacing the battery, my original device is reporting a full battery again. Contact is stuck in the 'Open' position however.

Z-Wave devices cannot be rediscovered. Hitting refresh in the Device Details page may speed up the process, otherwise the device should start working again without your input, once it comes back online.

So a rediscover is not required? just fit new battery, hit refresh on original device then wait for the network to pick it up??

Refresh is not required either, but may speed up the process. If device dropped off your mesh, then it will need to be excluded and re-paired. The factory reset on some devices such as Aeotec allows the device to be disassociated with existing paired controllers but know that a stranded node will be left behind, if the exclusion is not performed prior to reset. This stranded device will be automatically removed by the hub. Once the device is reset or excluded, then it could be rejoined by performing the inclusion process. Please note that the device will get a new ID, so rules will need to be updated to point to the new device.

Thanks bobby.