Red Series Dimmer not Dimming after pairing

I have an Inovelli Red Series Dimmer wired in 3-way with an Aux. Both the Dimmer and the Aux would dim as expected until I included it to my Hubitat C-8 Pro. I have tried multiple drivers, both Hubitat and Inovelli, and I cannot get it to dim now locally or at either switch.
It is not in smart bulb mode.
It is not a local/remote protection issue.
The Bulbs are dimmable and worked as dimmers before being paired to Hubitat.
I have tried repairing, factory resetting, and a variety of Drivers.
What am I doing wrong here?

Which mdoel number? If it's the VZW31-SN (the current model), what is the value of parameter 22 258 or "switch type" set to? It sounds like it's set to switch (1) instead of dimmer (0). Different drivers may display this option a bit differently, bu tthat's the idea.

It defaults to switch, though it should have also been that way before you added it to your hub...

Parameter 22 is currently set to "2" aka 3-way Momentary (according to this Drivers Preferences). How can i change this to 0? The Set Config Parameter Button doesn't seem to do anything.
Yes it is the current model. Purchased about a month ago.

I was able to change it to 0 through the preferences but still no change in function.

Additionally, the Data section says the Firmware is 1.2, but the "current states" says its on 1.02. The "state Variables" lists "needfwUpdate : false"

Sorry! I meant parameter 258 or "Switch mode," not 22.

These are the same. (While many manufacturers avoid this distinction at least in marketing materials, version numbers are conventionally not read like decimal numbers--2 is the same as 02 or 002, etc. :smiley: )

Hi All,

This was resolved with updating to the Gen 3 driver. I contacted support and they were able to provide it. The driver version on Innovellis online set up instructions was/is out of date.