Red Light on a Zen04 after power cycle?

On one of my Zen04's, a red light comes on when I do a power cycle.
Also, it turns the outlet off about 4 seconds after power is turned back on with the default return from power setting, with the red light still on.

If I hit the button 3 times as if to include/exclude, the red light turns off, and the blue light comes on and with with the switch-until power is interrupted.

This happens when the outlet has been excluded and reset. It happens when power is interrupted and restored.

I opened up a box with another Zen04 and it didn't have a problem. I actually didn't have a problem for a week of fooling around with it, but I can't trace it back to anything I did.

They both are on firmware 1.20.

Has anyone seen anything similar?

I've sent a note to Zooz support, but I think I might have added more detail that was in the note, so I'll include @agnes.zooz as well.

Sounds like a bad switch. Perhaps try to firmware update it?

Yes it does. I've never run into a persistent red light before. It seems that when it's plugged in it senses (incorrectly) that something is wrong and turns off the device.

While I'm waiting for a response from Zooz I thought I'd try registering and see if I could get a firmware update. A firmware update for my Zen17's, provided by Zooz support, worked like a charm. There was no persistent red light in that case though, which seems more serious.

Looking on this forum, it seems like the latest update is 1.20, which is what's installed now. If I was able to download the 1.20 update, can that be installed over existing 1.20 firmware. Not that I'm holding out much hope, even if it were possible.

Do you have anything connected to the plug now and was anything connected to it during the previous testing?

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Nothing now. I've had a 7 watt led bulb connected at times.

I registered my products and did a firmware upgrade to 1.20, although it was already 1.20. I thought maybe something got corrupted. Anyway, it had no effect. Weird.

It sounds like a hardware issue but we've never seen it before so I'd recommend requesting warranty service with our customer service team.

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Okay, thanks. I'm already corresponding with them.

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