Red light never turns on for Montion activated lighting

for some reason, when I walk in the bathroom, this light just never turns on. the Shower 3 light turns on without a problem, its just a white bulb. but Shower 1 is a RGB light, never turns on when I walk in.

I can turn it on every other way, but it will not automate.
something wrong here?

Have you tried setting it up in the new Room Lighting app instead of Motion/Mode ?
Could possibly be a bug in that app which is depreciated in favor of Room Lighting.

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Still does not work.
the bulb shows that its not responding. But what I do not understand, is that this bulb responds to every other automation without issue, it always shows that its on, or off, . but the automations from these automation does not work no matter what I do.

You seem to be limiting the activation for all modes, try removing that limit for testing. Then you should be able to press Activate at the bottom there to set the devices per the table.

You can also turn on logging for the devices in question, to see if they log any sort of errors when the app tries to activate them. Get a screenshot of the logs.

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