Recurring Push notification - Smoke Alert

I was trying to update firmware on a Zooz ZEN55 DC Signal Sensor. About halfway through the update (via Hubitat built-in app), I started receiving a push notification stating "Smoke Alert Smoke Alarm". There is nothing in the logs from the ZEN55 showing any alert, it in fact shows all clear. I am receiving this notification every 10 minutes, so it of course has gotten bothersome. The firmware updated failed, still looking into that, but there are no new log entries about smoke, so it would seem there is a notification stuck somewhere that it keeps sending it. Where should I be looking to clear out the notice?

How did you create this automation?

The device can’t send push notifications on its own, that must have been configured in an app like Notifications, Basic Rules, etc.

You know that is a fair question. I just looked through my automations and I don't have one that matches that text on that hub. Which immediately got me worried about where I might actually have smoke at a different property! I started going through other hubs that also have smoke alarms and sure enough I found which hub was generating it! It was coming from Hubitat Safety Monitor and the notification was just the generic builtin one. I have now updated the messaging and it is obvious where it is from now. It appears it was just a coincidence that the events happened at the same time. I assumed they were related.

Lesson Learned: Be sure to prefix notifications and check all hubs.


No fire, I hope.

Steam from the bathroom nearby the smoke alarm. No fire.

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I recall reading one type is less susceptible to steam false alarms.
I don't recall if it was photo or ion.

It’s generally ionization that’s considered more susceptible to false alarm due to steam from showers or other sources.