Recurring issue with multiple GoControl garage door controllers not updating

I have 4 of these garage door controllers, I believe a mix of GD00Z-5 and GD00Z-4. Installed 2 years ago. I have a recurring issue where initially, they work fine. Then after a month or two, they stop reporting status updates. So I set up a rule to refresh status every 15 seconds, which seems to work ok. Then after another month or two, they become totally unresponsive. They still respond to a z-wave repair, but the door and contact status stop updating, even when I call for a refresh.

Power cycles don't fix it, and opening/closing the door multiple times doesn't fix it. I can exclude, factory reset, and include the devices and they being working fine again, and the process starts over. Good for a couple months, then they need refreshes, then eventually become unresponsive. I think I'm on my 4th or 5th iteration of this process, and now have two that need a factory reset again.

I've read some other threads on this, but haven't ever seen a resolution to this recurring issue. Anyone have any idea what's going on, or how to fix it?

2 are paired to one hub, and 2 to a different one. Doesn't seem to matter - they both do it. C4 in one case, and C5 in another case. I've also had them paired to a C7 with the same result.

Like you I had 4 of the Go Control GDOs. Two in my home garages and two in my shop.

Mine were all the Iris brand but I believe they are the same. I have replaced them all with Zen16s. I had the same kind of issues. They would work great for months at a time then all of sudden they would just drop off. I ended up adding a separate tilt sensor to each one so I had a backup for monitoring the door. A couple of times after the a unit went offline the GDO was reporting the door was closed when it in fact was not.

I also added smart plugs to each opener. That way if the backup sensor and the GDO sensor didn't match it would power cycle and then refresh the unit. That took care of most of the issues.

Due to the layout the two openers in my shop I could use one Zen16 to handle both doors so I replaced those first. After 6 months or so of seeing how much better the Zen16s worked over the Iris GDOs I replaced both at the house as well. I already had the tilt sensors.

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Any issues with the Zen16s then? I've been trying to move away from z-wave whenever possible, but if they work well I'm not opposed. Are you using an app to tie the relays and tilt sensors together into a virtual garage door, or just running them separately?

I am using the Zooz Garage door opener app.

I have been using the Zen16 on my shop doors for probably a year now, with no real issues. There has been a time or two where a door did not open or close for whatever reason, but the app notified me and when I tried it again it worked. I changed out one of my garage doors openers in the house maybe three months ago and I just changed the last one this weekend. So far so good.

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@destructure00 If you want to move away from z-wave (zen-16/17's are great though) You could use these

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Thanks for this - I actually have one of their 2 channel relays running my pool equipment. I'll grab another one and test on the garage door.

The older GoControl/Nortek/Linear devices are somewhat sensitive and don't recover well from power blips, or communication issues with the hub or the tilt sensor. I ended up replacing all my older GD00Z-4s with GD00Z-8s a few years ago. The GD00Z-8 is still 500 series, but has been rock solid in my experience. Unfortunately I believe the GD00Z-8 requires S2 security, so they will not work with your C4 & C5.

FWIW, here are the instructions I used to provide for restoring spontaneous reporting following power or communication issues with GD00Z units:

  1. Remove power from the GoControl
  2. Wait one minute
  3. Restore power to the GoControl
  4. Operate the door through one complete cycle using the garage door opener's wired control button

A complete cycle is fully closed -> fully open -> fully closed (or the reverse).

Note: during this procedure, make sure you do not press the include/exclude button on the GoControl unit, and do not attempt to do anything with the GoControl on the Hubitat.


Installed this yesterday. Pleasantly surprised to see that it came in a plastic case...the first one I bought awhile back was just a raw board. Working great so far, paired with two spare contact sensors I had in a drawer and using the Zooz Garage Door app to run it. Had to run some wire across to the second door but not really a big deal. Ordered a second setup for the shop as well.

I really like the instant response as opposed to the 5 seconds of beeping from the Go control units.

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You can have that with the Zooz GDO app, in fact I have a rule that flashes my garage lights briefly and sounds and alarm. Probably not necessary but my away rule can close the door on it's on if we forget, so a warning seems like a good idea.

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Yeah I'm using the Zooz app, thanks to your suggestion. It's great!

Thanks for this info. This did the trick Frustrating how flaky this is.

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