Recording parsed responses from httpPost() via log.debug() in a useful format

How can I serialize or otherwise transform the parsed result of httpPost() calls so that the content is fully represented in the log and can be more useful in debugging?

I have the following code in a driver:

        httpPost( [uri: uri, path: '/1Wire/Search.html', body: body, requestContentType: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'] ) { resp ->
            if (resp.success) {
            if (logEnable)
                if ( log.debug "${}"

Currently, the log.debug() call results in some text from the parsed response, but it does not show the pretty form of the parser response:


log.debug "${}"

or just

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Thanks for the follow-up. It's a little bit better, but it still appears to be missing some of the data that is in the response:

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Is the response in XML? If so it could just not be formatting properly because if that. You can try escape it and see if it gives you something better.

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