Reconnecting my devices

I had a really nice setup with the Hubitat, a Aeotec bell, a couple of sensors and plugs. Everything connected perfectly.

Then we moved house... and I thought I'd just reconnect everything and it would be fine. It isn't :frowning:
After reconnecting the Hubitat I can see all the configured devices but somehow they're not talking to each other anymore. The bell is working perfectly (press button, hear sound) but it isn't logging a button press and if I use the dashboard button for the bell it doesn't work. Nor do any of the sensors generate any data.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? How can I reconnect everything?

I'm guessing a combination of different home construction and different distances has prevented the devices from using their old routes. How long as it been since you brought them back online? Is it zwave and zigbee devices? And how many?

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Welcome to the Hubitat forums!

With Zigbee and Zwave devices, they form a mesh. Each item communicates through other items, and has certain routes back to the hub. If you scrambled everything, now the routes home no longer exist.

This is a good question. These mesh are supposed to "self heal" to some extent. Just leaving it all alone for 24-48 hours might let things settle out.

This might be a case where Zwave repair might actually help (if those are the affected devices).

With Zigbee, there isn't much you can do to force them to find new routes other than just leave them be. But you could do a quick experiment and see if these devices will discover again or work if rediscovered. When doing the discovery if it says "previously paired device XYZ found", and they now work, it is likely your devices fell off the mesh and will all need to be paired again.

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Thanks for your responses guys!

First off: Yes, the new house is build a bit differently. I had my hubitat in the cellar (with the router, gateway, NAS, etc.) and the Wifi AP there had limited range so I moved the hubitat to the living room instead.
Since then the devices are slowly reconnecting. The water sensor in the cellar is now connected, as is the bell in the living room and one of the plugs on the 1st floor.
I've also enabled the mesh on all devices. This should help connect the rest of the devices.

There'll likely still be issues due to the house being a lot wider than the old house but I'm confident I can fix that with the mesh (using Ikea Zigbee light switches throughout the house to keep up the mesh)

Thanks again for your help. I did not know it would take some time for the devices to reconnect.

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Almost any line powered device is capable of routing. You don't need to explicitly enable it.

Are you perhaps thinking of this setting on the devices tab?

I can see where this would lead to confusion. This setting has to do with a different technology which allows multiple HEs to share devices between each other, but has no effect on zigbee or zwave meshes. Unfortunately lots of overlapping terminology in home automation! However, enabling Hub Mesh on the devices page won't hurt anything.


Yeah, that's the one I was thinking about. Thanks for the clarification.

That is for hub-to-hub sharing of devices, and not anything to do with sensor-to-sensor. I don't think it will hurt to have it on, but I typically leave stuff like this off unless I know that I need it.

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