Recommended zigbee indoor motion sensor under $20

I have standardized on Zigbee. I am looking to put motion sensors to control lights in laundry, pantry, and master closets. I am looking for something solid, inexpensive, small, and simple. Motion sensing only. No bloated multi-sensors.

All of the current threads are old and focused on Bosch, Iris, and zwave.

Anyone out there have a good solution that meets these criteria??

The Iris V2’s work great for me. I managed to get the 10 for $55 on eBay. They come and go on sale. Have had them for 4 months now without failures.

You're not likely to find much for under $20--Xiaomi would be the most notable contender, but it is not standard and probably not worth the trouble unless you carefully select Zigbee repeaters (most will not work well with them, but many do have success if they follow the guidelines--I used to myself). Regarding price: I remember being excited when the Iris v2 sensors were being sold new for only $30 a few years ago. :slight_smile:

The best bet now for a new device close to that range is probably the current/v5/2018 SmartThings motion sensor. Its list price is something like $25 but can often be found for $20 or less (frequently discounted on Amazon, and Samsung direct sometimes has sales or discounts if you buy multiple devices). Otherwise, I know lots of people have still had luck finding the Iris v2s (3326-L and 3326-L2 are the model numbers to look for) on eBay, including that seller who often had lots of 10 for $55, as mentioned above. The specified price point is otherwise difficult to find, especially new.

Z-Wave sensors are often on sale for similar prices, but I know you've said you're standardizing on Zigbee. Down the road, there's no reason you can't use both if you ever change your mind (but honestly if I had to pick one for motion-based lighting, Zigbee would be it, so I think you're making a good choice if you don't want to use both).

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+1 on the ST motion sensor. It is THE best motion sensor in my home currently. Rarely have issues and the issues I do have are because the battery died after 8mo of heavy traffic. You can find on Amazon for $14-20 off and on throughout the year.

If you need 10+ these are a good deal. I got 10 of each for $6 after shipping (shipping is high if your only getting a few)

Thanks all. I appreciate your input. I went with the Samsung sensors. Got a good enough price.

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