Recommended zigbee dry contact device

Looking for a reliable dry contact relay output (SPST is fine) (Zigbee preferred) device to use with my HE. Anybody have a good experience with something like this?

I am using one of RGBGenie's controller in some of my closet lighting. Not using the switch part though.. just controlling it via HE and a contact sensor. Has worked for a couple of years so far - I have an older model (Non ZB3) than this one.

Note: For some reason the link shows "Z-Wave Plus" symbol when it is in fact Zigbee 3.0 if you follow the link. weird.

For more classic relays the Zooz Zwave+ Relays are nice and on sale..

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These work just fine with Hubitat and they are zigbee:

Also come in 2 and 4 channel relay versions, I just setup one of the four-channel relays last night.


That looks good. I saw it at Amazon, but didnt know If it would work with HE. Thanks for the suggestions all.

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I have a new motorized skylight with built-in shade that can independently open/close using a couple wireless remotes that come with it.

I’m not that familiar with the protocol they use, but the manufacturer has a bridge product with wire terminals.

Now I can automate opening and closing of both the skylight and the shade, thanks to Hubitat.

The single-channel relay will probably pair automatically as a generic zigbee switch. If you ever have a use for one of their multi-channel relays, you may need to change the driver to the generic zigbee multi-endpoint switch.


I'll keep that in my notes. The single output device should work fine for my purposes. I have a shop in a separate building from the house. It has a overhead electric heater. I don't run the heater except when I'm tinkering out there. But I keep it set at 40 F to keep paint and the like from going bad. My plan is to parallel the contacts from the current thermostat with the relay device as a safety feature. I have a few temperature devices in the shop and I will use one of them to turn on the relay device in the event the thermostat fails and the temp drops to 38 degrees. Anyway thanks so much for confirming that the Amazon device works with Hubitat.

Be aware the "Songle" used in the MHCOZY board has a real horrible reliability record. I frequent the Arduino Forum and there are quite a number of bad reports.

Just so you know to not use anything that cannot deal with a continuous open or closed.


Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind.

Does anyone know of a multi-channel dry input for a zigbee device that works with HE?

I presently use Barionet Barix 50's and 100's and cannot seem to get them to talk to HE, so I am using another software on a HA Mac Mini (Xtension), that the two talk back and forth. If i cannot get the Barix devices to talk, then I need something with a bunch of inputs (and ideally 1-wire inputs as I have dozens of them spread out all over the place.



I do not see the" ALab Technology" in the List of Compatible Devices.

Is this device branded under another name?