Recommended smart plug with energy monitoring for Level 1 (110 V AC) EV charging

I am researching the possible acquisition of an electric vehicle in the USA. This vehicle would be used exclusively for local, in-town errands, no long distance trips, so plan to do only Level 1 (110 V AC) charging at home. Would like to schedule/control charging, as well as keep records of duration and frequency of charging.

What smart plug, either zigbee or zwave, with energy monitoring capability would be appropriate (e.g. amp rating, UL certified, etc.) and recommended to monitor/document/control the Level 1 (100 V AC) charging of an electric vehicle (EV - not Tesla) in the USA?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

I would suggest one of the dedicated energy monitors. These devices are capable of monitoring power usage and accumulating the data internally, only sending updates to the hub via some predetermined rules. In addition they are likely more accurate with wider range of currents.

Can you give some examples?

I've been using this one . I purchased it used from a fellow poster. Its been running for 3 - 4 months now with no issues.
I realize you won't be putting it in a breaker box, but it can really go anywhere the transformer can snap around the current carrying wire.

How about a ZEN15?
Your thing plugs into a "normal" 120v. outlet, right.
The ZEN15 cannot exceed 15amps, 1800watts, or 1hp.


My recommendation as well, if it is a standard 120V plug.