Recommended smart bulbs that support pre-staging

I am looking for bulbs that support pre-staging and have tunable brightness and temperature.
I live in Poland, Europe so probably not all models from US will be available to me but if you know proven brand and model, maybe I can get it somewhere.
I need GU10 and E27 bulb type.

I don’t think bulbs that support prestaging are available anymore for the newer Zigbee 3.0 bulbs, at least from what I recall reading from Hubitaters (?) in Europe. I used prestaging extensively in my setup until recently because it no longer made sense because I use Apple’s Adaptive Lighting via Homebridge integration. Also the Advanced Zigbee RGBW driver responds noticeably faster than the Generic Zigbee RGBW driver and doesn’t support prestaging.
Also, for the bulbs you’re looking for, I have switched to Hue and Hue bridge integration due to the superior reliability. They’re not cheap, but the frustration of trying to make cheaper bulbs work the way I wanted wasn’t worth the difference in price.

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I have to agree. It's Hue all the way for me unless something changes. I compared two GU10 zigbee bulbs that looked identical one from Hue and one from a cheaper company. The beam from Hue was one solid colour, while the cheaper one was kind of patches of the primary LEDs in amounts that would have added up to the colour I chose had they been mixed.


Do you need Hue hub to work with Hue bulbs, and do Hue bulbs require internet connection?

In general, I want pre-staging to set default brightness and temperature for time of a day without turning on smart bulbs.

It's possible to connect Hue bulbs directly with Hubitat (they are zigbee) and no they don't require internet connection but then neither does the Hue Bridge. People tend to use the Hue Bridge to prevent other devices trying to use the bulbs as repeaters/extenders - ie the bulbs remain on their own separate zigbee mesh

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No, but the bulbs work much better on their own Hue bridge that’s designed for them. Hubitat’s connection to the Hue bridge is local, so it’s not an issue if the internet is down. You can also program the bulbs to come on to a select scene (when turned on) based on time of day through the bridge. I used to do that, but now use Adaptive Lighting through HomeKit integration with Hue. My wife likes it because the ct of the lights gets whiter when the brightness is turned up; very handy at night because 2000K isn’t very pleasant at 100% brightness.

Hue bulbs don't support pre-staging either?

Can you set default brightness depending on time some other way with them?

Apparently not, unfortunately. Out of interest why is the pre-staging important to you?

I use scenes set up in hue, then turn those on via Hubitat, rather than address the setting directly from Hubitat. For anything more spontaneous and unusual I open the Hue app itself.

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How do you typically turn the lights on? Switches on the walls? Or do you use motion (or other triggers) to have the Hubitat hub turn the bulbs on?

Oh I've just seen your other thread. I guess the way would be to set the daytime scene (your daytime brightness) then the night scene (your night brightness) then create a virtual switch which can be turned on from either a button or some other automation intended to operate those lights. Then make a rule triggered by the virtual switch changing state that tests the time and either activates the day scene or the night scene.

Lifx bulbs do pre staging quite well.

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I’m pretty sure that if set to come on to a particular scene on the bridge, that’s the ct and brightness they come on at; i.e. prestaged. Scenes in Hue are saved to the bulbs themselves, so even if each bulb it set to something different, they always come on to what was set in that particular scene.

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So when a switch is off light would be off and when it is on it checks for time and sets brightness?

Phone and switches

When it turns on, the trigger would be the turning on and off. The rule would not change brightness when the time changed to your dimmed time, unless you wrote a second rule that triggered at that time of evening and if the switch was on, then it would change to the dimmer scene. I think you could combine into one rule but there would be some complicated conditionals to handle