Recommended Garage Door controler?

my lowes homelink opener is again not working. I have been messing with it for hours and it will NOT re-add to the network

I'm thinking of switching to zig-bee this time. I also had trouble adding a lock (seems anything with security is having issues and never has before)

any recommendations? my only option it to keep repeating this ever couple of months and i just don't have the time to mess with it anymore.

If you are into Zigbee, then a device by MHcozy has been found to be very functional:
If you are into Zwave, then Zooz has a very good product (which I personally use) , the Zen16:
Note: these are both for 2 door Garage Doors.

i can do both, but zig-bee just seem less hassel than z-wave lol slowly converting to zig-bee stuff lol

checking out both links, thank you much :slight_smile:

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That tends to be correct.

If you use Zwave, I recommend the Fibaro Smart Implant. It’s so small and low power that you can Power it from your garage motor DC terminals.

It’ll control up to 2 doors individually with an open/close sensor on each door.

Here’s mine:

This one is zwave and can control 2 doors separately and have an open/close sensor for each of them.

I use 2 of them to control and monitor both of my garage doors. Could have used just one of them but I wanted to monitor both fully closed and fully open states so I have 2 sensors on each of them.


I use the ZEN as well. It's a great device. Easy to set up, and extended my Wave network where I needed.

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@silverton38 @philippompili @jtmpush18

I purchased the Zigbee one

I have it installed with the relay working and one Door sensor

do i need a custom driver for this? or do i just have to rewrite all my rules to control it now?

I have the Zen16 on my 3 bay garage. It does have 3 relays, after all. The newer Zen17 only has 2 relays, but they seem heavier duty and do NO and NC.

I have been using the Zooz Zen 16 for over a year. I agree with others here that it works very well. Installation was easy. Zooz also has an app specifically for garage door operation that is excellent.

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Zen17 for the win. It's great. And you can do 2 doors with just one of them. Also uses wired contact sensors so no messing with end devices.

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Also using the Zen…has been 100% reliable.

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