Recommended Echo Show 8 Mounts

So, we use the Echo Show 8 (Gen 2) in the kitchen, and the family seems to like it especially with the integration to Ring. Personally, i like the Google Home screen better, but without integration to Ring, show stopper.... Back on topic.

My wife would like to hang the Echo 8 undermount to the kitchen cabinet, but i haven't seen much for this. The only option i see is this, but i'd rather avoid drilling holes in backsplash tile to set this up.

Any suggestions on mounts? Any 3D print options available?

The mounting options are limited. As far as I can tell, there is no option in software to flip the screen. If there was, you could easily mount it upside-down. Since you can't invert it, there's the additional problem that it tilts up, so right under the cabinet wouldn't work well.

Maybe some sort of strap arrangement that you could hang from under the cabinet and glue to the sides of the Echo Show?

Looks like you could add a large L bracket to that mount and end up with something that could attach to the bottom of a cabinet.

Iā€™m sure you caught it, but do note the one at that link is not compatible with your Echo Show 8.

Here's one that someone is 3D printing:

I didn't catch that..... Dah. Thanks!

Nice find! Thanks!

Nice Find! The same Etsy seller also has a variation for the Echo Show 5 (which I have) :slight_smile:

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