Recommendations on home wifi setup

Hi all, one reason I chose Hubitat is that if I sell my house all automation systems stay with the house and not attached to a cloud service/account.

Next problem is I want to leave enough network infrastructure in place so if I remove my mesh wifi and security router the automation will still function. I'm hard wiring as much as possible but still need some wifi connections + router.

Anyone have recommendations on a small solid wifi router that has decent range and good admin UI for static IP setup etc? Preferably with 4x ethernet ports but not a deal breaker.

I pity the fool who sells/buys a house with 500 different apps and cloud accounts running everything.

Im not sure this hobby is at the point of leaving automation for the next buyer ... or many next buyers would care. A lot of people do the complete opposite, in that the house just works without HE at barebones level.

As for your router question, when Are you expecting to sell your house? Routers kind of churn every few years. So get something good that does what you need. I always plan on taking my gear anyhows


I agree on the barebones thing, I'm only adding "nice to haves" with z-wave devices with the exception of some outdoor lighting that would require extensive wiring additions.

IMHO I kind of disagree with the hobby part:

"The key is having smart products installed and functioning before you list your home, because most buyers don’t want a prewired home that still needs products installed."

For me hobby == Home Assistant, Node-Red, Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc. if I'm purchasing a branded automation product with a company supporting it I expect it to work like any other home appliance. Well at least that's what I want people to think if they buy my house :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway re wifi this looks like a good option:

Main reason I'd want wifi that stays with the house is to keep the wall mounted tablets connected to the HE.

just remember technology moves FAST ... those tablets you have today will not be what the next buyer is thrilled about in 10 years, even though you are happy with them and dont bother to update

Build these for you, not for resale.

Ironaically, I try to make most changes to my home non-permanent. Its and OCD thing, I dont trust my own judgement today, and I want to be able to revert without an issue.

I use a lot of magnets :wink:


Learned that trick 2 houses ago, and recommended that everyone have that in their toolbox of ideas.

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