Recommendations needed for Keypad Deadbolt Lock

I currently have a Yale YRD-210 zigbee lock, which I dislike greatly. While it stay connected and seems to work in the automation, I can never seem to get the buttons to work properly to manually unlock it. About 75% of the time the door code doesn't work because one of the button presses didn't register. With that said, I am looking to replace it with a touchpad (not keys like the YRD-210). I currently have 3 other locks (Schlage BE469 Z-Wave). While they are finicky on the Z-wave mesh, they work well once they are connected and I have never had a problem with pushing in a code to get them to unlock.

I noticed a few posts out there on locks but nothing recent. Does anybody have recommendations on zigbee or z-wave deadbolt locks with a touchpad that work well? Also does anybody have a z-wave 700 lock?

I have Yale Real Living keyless touch pad locks with zigbee radios. They have been flawless in the year and nine months that I have had them.


I really like my Alfred lock. It automates well. Never had any issues with it thus far. I would recommend this.
I had an August lock and had many issues with it.

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I second this. I've had Schlage zwave and KwikSet zigbee locks and the Yale locks outclass them both.


YRD216 with zigbee board. I have two of them. They work great. They've been in place for 6 months or so. I made sure to put line powered repeaters close by.

Folks seem to have a lot of issues with ZWave locks but I cannot speak from personal experience.


I use the SCHLAGE BE469ZP, with a C-7, and have never had an issue. I have no beaming repeaters, but all of my smart devices are zwave plus. I have heard you can buy the guts for the zigbee version of this lock and use the keypad you already have.

Kwikset Zigbee works well too... I have the 912 (my one door does not have a deadbolt yet) and it's nice. One complaint is I don't like the doubled up numbers just have to use a longer code.. Family acceptance factor is very high.

Edit: also have the YRD256 keypad with a Zigbee module and that too like @aaiyar says works great.

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