Recommendations for soft sounding water sensor alarm

I have a number of Smartthings water sensors but presently only utilize pushover to send me a notification. I'd like to find a low pitched siren or alarm device to notify me when I'm home if a water sensor was triggered. I utilize a dome zwave siren for my HSM alarm but its too loud for this and would just like something that possibly beeps at a normal tone to inform me a water sensor went off and not give me a heart attack in the middle of the night. Any recommendations appreciated.

I would think you could get the Dome to do that using one of its alternate sounds. But consider also things like turning on all the lights in the house to get your attention in the middle of the night. If you have Alexa, set up an announcement that the bathroom is getting flooded.

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Ahhhhh Alexa ! I never thought of that. I use it to notify me my garage door is open but thats a GREAT idea to notify me a water sensor was activated THANKS so much!

*** UPDATE ****
I went into Alexa app in Hubitat added my ST water sensors, however when i went into Alexa app to run a routine using the water sensors, they do not appear on the list to choose. Seems like they're not compatible with Alexa

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You have (at least) two options depending on how much you plan to use Alexa to make announcements. If few, then I'd recommend creating a virtual switch that you turn on when water is detected. Create an Alexa routine to say what you want when that switch is turned on. This gets around the limitation that sensors don't appear to Alexa directly.

If you plan on using Alexa to say a bunch of different things, then look in Echo Speaks with Actions

You can use leak sensors (most sensor devices) with Hubitat Safety Monitor (HSM) where you can initiate a voice alert with repeats. I use it in conjunction with Pushover for alerting when not home.

Once again THANK YOU . I'll make a virtual switch and give an Alexa routine a try.

Keep in mind, a regular switch will not trigger an Alexa routine. I've used @stephack's virtual contact switch to trigger an Alexa routine much like yours.

In the Alexa routine, If you chose to 'speak' you can only chose one device. I use 'announce' to send it to all of my Echo devices.

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I moved to using Echo Speaks and had forgotten that detail. My Alexa routines were triggered by a virtual contact. I don't recall having to add a driver to do that, though, but there's a good chance I'm mistaken.

Also right about using Messaging/Send Announcement in the Alexa routines rather than Alexa says in order to simulcast on all devices.

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No, you are not mistaken. A virtual contact sensor will do the same thing. When I set mine up, it was easier for my simple mind to throw a switch on the HE side and have it appear as a contact sensor on the Alexa side.:crazy_face:

OK Guys, I set up a Virtual Contact sensor in Hubitat and linked it to Alexa app. I went into Alexa app which sees the Virtual Contact sensor. I then made a routine when the virtual contact sensor is open speak a message. All that works fine, but i'm lost with how to make the rule to turn on the Virtual contact sensor when the ST water sensor is activated in Hubitat. I tried HSM custom rules but no options there and now trying to figure out in Rule Machine how to set up rule. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

A contact sensor is normally thought of as read only (i.e. it doesn't make sense to set it open/closed), but I think this works. For your action, choose "Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Action", "Run Custom Action", choose capability Contact Sensor, select your virtual contact sensor and "Select Custom Command" of open. Then a delayed action to close it again.

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Hal just as you responded, I had done the exact same rule. Now I'm working on the delayed action to close it but the first rule works perfectly. The only problem was I had to close the virtual contact to reset, so I just added another rule to close the virtual contact with a delay of 1 minute thanks to your suggestion Thanks a million!