Recommendations for RGB+W outdoor safe controller for light strips

We have a bunch of nice white strip lights in our house by AlloyLED all controlled by Lutron switches. Since I like the light quality and dimming range I was thinking about using their outdoor product in an upcoming yard renovation. They make an RGB and an RGBW strip, what's people favorite (ideally RGBW) controller that is safe for outdoor use? Since we'll have other Hue lights outside, I don't have a strong preference if it connects directly to the HE or via the Hue hub.

I don’t have a specific product recommendation, but I’ve used several indoor devices enclosed in a weatherproof box with great success. That being said, I do live in Southern CA and our weather is quite mild.

I recommend RGBGenie.. They even have a weather proof repeater for long runs..


Oh that’s cool. I like that’s it’s one unit together. Do you have this one? Does Hubitat show the RGB and W leds as separate lights or does it combine them?

The built-in driver allows individual control.. There is a community driver that acts like a bulb and allows color temperature control... For the z-wave version

And yes I have and use this model.. I don't have the outdoor repeater as I didn't need that