Recommendations for Recessed Door Sensor?

I am looking for a recessed door sensor. Does someone have a recessed door sensor that has given them a great experience? I need them for 2 exterior metal doors.

Is it wired for an alarm? The reason I ask is because metal doors can cause bad signal attenuation. You may be able to import the alarm sensors and provide the same function depending on the panel.

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I’ve had great success with the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7, but have never used in a metal door. I’d suggest inverting the sensor from its normal installation configuration, such that the sensor (with antenna & electronics) is in the frame above the door (or beside the door), with the magnet portion being recessed into the door rather than into the frame.

Another possibility with the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 would be to connect a standard door button switch, or even a standard recessed magnetic contact switch, with the contact wires connected to the external contacts of the Aeotec, which could be mounted in the wall outside the Faraday cage of the door and frame.

You can disable the Aeotec’s internal magnet sensor (and not use the magnet part) so that it reports the state of the external contacts.

Obviously more expensive but pairs directly to HE

I have Aeotec Recessed Sensors 5 and 7, four and three, respectively.

The Sensor 5s have been working fine for several years (but, to be accurate, I had to reset one some time along the way).

I like the Sensor 7 but the device is new and there is not much history behind it. One can argue that it is very similar to the Sensor 5 but who knows.

I had bad luck with Monoprice Recessed sensors. At some point, there were five installed and they all decommissioned now. Too many missed events.

Depending how metal you metal door is, you may still be able to use these sensors if you install them upside down, that is the sensor - in the frame, and the magnet - in the door. The magnets don't seem to care.

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yeah, then, a momentary button will be needed.
On the bright side, since we would not be expecting incoming traffic, the processing logic may become a little simpler

Maybe this is why all of mine are working... it's the only way I've ever installed them!! :slight_smile:

It just made sense to me given that certain times of the year, the fit is quite snug. 'Chasing" the sensor around on a moving door didn't sound fun.