Recommendations for panels like the Brilliant control panel

In the process of building our house now, and with that i was wondering if anyone has any recomndtions of panels that i can socket into the wall? Like the brilliant panel
Fire safety is extremly important👍

Want to see what alternativ i have, and if theres some thats better suitet for us.

English is not my first language😉
So sorry for all the typos!

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Wondering the same here...Brilliant seems like a great wall panel but so far am not aware of any that are compatible with Hubitat but hopefully soon.

Unfortunately Brilliant doesn’t provide an api

I think there are people who pull this into Hubitat who control Hubitat-paired devices with this via SmartThings (and HubConnect).

All I know is most home automation users are dying for a great wall mounted controller...if anything for the WAF (wife acceptance factor) but also to manage your system without the need for a phone or PC. For example, at 2am when on a the random run downstairs, it would be great to just have slick wall monitor that wakes up on presence, and gives you a couple easy to read large icons you can lazily hit with your sleepy fingers to disarm the alarm temporarily. Or for the school kids to come home and disarm the alarm on entry after school and then re-arm it until their parents are home, or any other of a million reasons...Hubitat needs a wall mount control panel option. I would say the Wink relay is a good starting example but this brilliant monitor seems way cooler!

And in the year 2020 we need to get beyond PROGRAMMING a tablet and bolting it to the wall with some cheesy plastic frame, pleez!


This must run Android? In any case I would be afraid of it becoming out of date very quickly, much like the very similar Wink Relays did.

With a conventional smart switch, it basically just has to turn on, off or dim. It basically doesn't get out of date like this device likely would. And even if it does somehow become out of date, it is typically less than $40 to replace.

So then this Brilliant switch becomes dated, you buy a new $300-$500 light switch? Or what if they go out of business, or like Wink stop doing updates? So you have a $500 dumb switch.

This whole thing doesn't make sense. It looks pretty, but realistically, wouldn't you be better off with some other device instead?

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And from what I can tell (I don't own one) it is cloud based, so that whole problem too.


I guess that is what I was getting at. A Wifi device that is not locally controlled like a Zwave or Zigbee device.

As a former Wink user, I would totally stay away from any cloud device, unless you can do without WHEN not IF it stops being supported.

I can do without Alexa. I can't do without my light switches.


I agree, I've learned that lesson too. I have a $200 cat feeder that's basically a super expensive bowl now when the company when under.

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People were defending said pet feeder on the Wink subreddit the other day, and saying the company is coming back.

If it's Petnet... yeah... with a subscription fee :grin: Funny, their fee is almost the same as Wink's. At least Wink's is for the whole hub, this was going to be $4/mo for just a pet feeder!

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Getting way off topic here, but not really.

Why can't these companies build around an existing standard, like Zigbee or Zwave?

Wink had the Eggminder egg tray, the Power Strip, the A/C unit (Aros?), the Porkfolio bank, and a few other things that run on some weird proprietary protocol that only works with Wink. When their servers die, you lose your A/C! And then you throw all this junk away. Ewaste at its finest.

This Brilliant switch is destined to that same scrap pile at some point. When this runs Android 8 (or whatever), and there are no security patches any more, what are you going to do? Let your light switch get hacked?

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Three cats - one of them eats really slowly and another is on a special diet (and shouldn't eat anything but that - or she gets violent diarrhea).

I use three of these:

Ran about $350 in total, but all they depend upon is the pet's microchip.

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Funny I never heard of that brand until yesterday when @Kulfsson asked me to port a ST driver for their cat door. Not to steal the thread, but what I liked about Petnet that this doesn't have is I could pour in 7lbs of food into a hopper so I really only had to remember to feed my cats like once every 2-3 weeks. It was nice to not have to think about it, especially when on vacation or something. If they added a hopper to the Sure Petcare I'd buy it ASAP!

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I think there is just too much of the "but everyone already has Wifi" mentality. I also think there is (I say this as a developer) a mentality of "if I can use the cloud, I should use the cloud because that's what cool developers do!"


I can't wait for the outrage when all the Chinese servers go dark. There will be millions of people with dead Wifi smart home devices.

But they were cheap to purchase!

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Back to helping OP.

I would use ordinary switches as much as possible. I would not eliminate ordinary switches people understand how to use.

IF you really need a display device like this, I would stick to an Android tablet in strategic places around the house. They are inexpensive, larger, and can be mounted at eye level instead of belly button level.

I have a tablet in my kitchen just for Hubitat, the hot tub, grocery list, and a few other oddball things. It might seem cheesy, but I put mine on Velcro Command Strips, so I can use the tablet elsewhere or while walking around making my shopping list. Easy on and off the wall. I even semi-automated mine, the power outlet is controlled by motion, no lock screen, and the tablet wakes upon power up. So when I walk into the kitchen, the tablet wakes like magic.

Yeah I think unfortunately there still aren’t many good options other than a tablet. The Brilliant is the nicest one I’ve seen so far but it still seems pretty basic for the price tag

You can buy two Inovelli Black switch with LED indicators, ($80 for two) and a Galaxy Tab 8 ($140) or Fire HD8 ($90) plus new wall plates, and whatever needed to mount the tablet, and still come out at least $125 cheaper than the $350 Brilliant dual switch. And arguably have a better setup because you now have the Inovelli indicator LED, and the larger tablet.

If you go to a 4 gang Brilliant, using the same Inovelli and Galaxy Tab setup, you would be at $300, which is $150 cheaper.

I got one of these a couple years ago and it took less than a day for our beagle to rip the top off and eat all seven pounds that I had poured in before leaving for work.

I guess in retrospect she was just giving me a heads up that relying on a cloud-based solution like this wasn’t going to work out for us anyway.

doesn’t even begin to describe what happened after she digested that 7 lbs of kibble she downed all at once :anguished:.