Recommendations for New System

I have been using Insteon for about ten years, but it is looking like Insteon is going away based on the lack of availability of products.

I have a simple system that I want to create:

  • On/Off wall switch to be used to operate 2 plug-in on/off modules (for lamps). The on/off would be used to control the wall outlet that the original switch controls
  • The 2 plug-in on/off modules to operate lamps on nightstands
  • 2 controllers (in Insteon I'd use the 8 button keypads), with one button programmed to turn off its respective lamp and another button to turn off both lamps ("All Off"). These controllers will be sitting on the nightstands.

With the Insteon system I would use the ISY994i hub/controller and link controllers/responders and create a few scenes to accomplish this.

Could someone give me some specific recommendations using the Hubitat Elevation as the basis for the system? What wall switch, on/off modules, and keypads would you recommend?

Thanks for your input!

To do something similar, I use Lutron Casseta Pico remotes to control Lutron Casseta dimmer modules. These are linked to Hubiat via the Lutron Pro v2 Hub.

I have remotes on each side of the bed and also one in the room entrance.

Once you have the Lutron Pro v2 Hub, the pico remotes can be used to control anything that is linked to Hubitat. As an example, those same remotes will also control a Z-Wave receptacle and a Zigbee string light.

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I second Sebastien i'm currently switching my system over to total Lutron I'm also trying to hold out for matter, i've been having mad issues with HE C-7 freezing due to to many routines I was running 3 HE hubs and I'm just tired of doing that so I shut down 2 and am moving stuff over to Homkit. HE really needs to make a pro version of the hub for individuals that need the power.

You must have an extremely large and complex setup to have this many rules or routines.

I have a mix of about 250 Zwave and Zigbee and Lutron devices. I have probably a dozen integrations like MyQ, Tivo, Lutron, Echo Speaks, and so on. I have many dozens of rule machine, motion lighting and simple lighting.

I have no problems and no slowdowns. I have a second hub that goes mostly unused, I was going to run the processor intensive apps like Tivo, Roku, and Echo Speaks on that second hub, but I never got around to doing it.

So I am curious why "HE really needs to make a pro version" and why you might be experiencing slowdowns with 3 hubs? That doesn't sound normal to me. Unless like I said you have a much larger installation than I do.


I want to second @neonturbo's experience. I have a similar number of Lutron/z-wave/zigbee/virtual devices split between a C-7 and C-5. I only need to reboot for platform updates.


Stay with Insteon is still a viable option. There’s really no need to invest in new devices.

I’ve built and rebuilt smart homes. Bought a new house and I’m starting over. Insteon is still going to be a part of it.

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It might not be the routines that are freezing your hub. No matter how complex they are, we have not seen a hub "freezing" because of too many routines. If you haven't done so already, please send an email to so we can make sure you don't have a hardware malfunction of some sort. Your experience is not normal, and we would like to further investigate.


Hello @Bobbyd I have recently redone my whole house I was running 3 HEhubs in 1 location a2 C-7s and a C-5 I have recently taken the C-5 and 1 C-7 out so I just have 1 C-7 now. I switched back to Apple devices for my house hold so i'm using HomeKit now with Hombridge and Node-red to do my routines since then I have had no hub freezes I don't plan on using thew C-7 for over 10 routines that I have to have on it my wife really got seriously angry because she kept coming home and nothing worked because the hub had frozen so I don't think I will be able to replicate at this time.

Need to put the @ in front to have it sent to him, i.e. @bobbyD


Not sure what the problem was but I had the 3 hubs doing different things the main hub ran my routines and when it went down it just caused absolute havoc, and my wife would go ballistic so I had to make a change if the wife aint happy you aint happy.