Recommendations for motorized roller blinds in the UK

Hi All

Looking for recommendations of motorized roller blinds in the UK that work well with Hubitat.

As background I have a Lutron RA2 Select system and planned to add Lutron blinds until I saw the cost of them.... (i need to install four blinds of around 250x240 across some sliding doors). I'd like to control the blinds using Lutron Pico remotes.

I've managed a workaround in another room where I installed some Evaglide motorised roman blinds (rebadged Dooya kit from what I understand) as follows:

  1. Pico button push turns on/off a zigbee smart plug
  2. IFTTT triggers on smart plug turning on or off and in turn calls a blind up or down scene in the 'connector' app that works with the evaglide hub supplied

A bit clunky with a few seconds lag but it works....

I also have a bond bridge which bought from eBay with the hope it could learn the dooya remote signals but haven't had any luck with it and that seems to be the same for everyone on various forums.

Any recommendations or advice gratefully appreciated!


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