Recommendations for Kitchen under-cabinet Lighting

I'm looking to replace my existing kitchen halogen under cabinet lights with something LED as currently the halogens put off so much heat that it's cooking wine that's stored above in the cabinets as well as cooking oils! Because of this, it is one of the few wife approved home automation expenses!

I have 3 lights that are similar to this one that I snapped a picture of:

I.e. 3 seperate under cabinet light fixtures that are each fed with 120volts and controlled by one switch. Therefore, I think I need 3 LED light fixtures that can also operate from 120v. I.e. each have a transformer to reduce the 120v.

Ideally I'd like to utilize an RGB light strip but I mainly want a tuneable white light. Not sure if that exists?
At a minimum, I want the LEDs to be a warm white. Even better would be tuneable white, and better yet would be tunable white plus RGB if it exists.

Any suggestions?

SYLVANIA General Lighting 72569 Sylvania LIGHTIFY Edge-Lit Under Cabinet Adjustable White

This is what I use

It’s tunable white


Do you have those hardwired somehow or just plugged into an outlet?

I like that light as well as the price. Do you know if it trys to repeat. I had trouble with the Sylvania Osram Bulbs trying to repeat.

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@cj_rezz I have mine plugged into an outlet..

@tgrant48 .. Not sure .. It currently doesn’t show anything routing through it... But I don’t know if it does

And yea at $15 you can’t beat it.. It’s bright too

I suppose I could find some type of slim junction box to somehow splice the lights into each of my 120v hardwired sources?

That is a great price. They were originally $85! Now to find a spot for them. :thinking:

Man we get hosed in Canada, this same light is $134 on Canada's Amazon!

@cj_rezz OUCH

@cj_rezz Uugggg. Hey, but at least you have free medical and cheap medicine! It all balances out in the end! :slight_smile:


Haha touche!

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Could you get someone in the US to buy it then send it to you? or does that end up being about the same cost?

This looks like a great deal. Which device type are you using to allow you to dim and control color temperature? I assume Generic Zigbee CT Bulb?

@HAL9000 correct

Looks like I can buy them from Amazon US for $63 Canadian. Weird.

I don't think these will work well for my application anyways. I need something that is direct wired to 120v and the one length of 18" isn't ideal for covering the underside of the cabinets.

I've been looking at replacing my fluorescent lights with something as well. I was hoping to put up LED strips like the Hue but hadn't found a good solution as all mine are wired to a single switch as well and it looks tricky to get the strips to all connect over existing wires.

It does look like Sylvania has a wired version of this in different lengths so that may be a good option if the lengths all work.

My husband and I did these in his garage. They have a small footprint and the cables between can be easily hidden. Then a smart switch to turn them on and off. The only downfall is that they're not dimmable and don't change color. But they make for nice light.

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If you're handy with a soldering iron you can easily roll your own. I did approx. 30 feet of high density LED strips using 2 dimmable hardwired power supplies controlled by a single GE Z-Wave dimmer. The aluminum channels cut easily with a hack saw and the diffusers do a good job of softening the individual LEDs. Coverage is great, color is very good at all brightness levels and there's no buzz or hum from the power supplies.

Here's what it all looks like once installed:

As a point of reference as far a brightness is concerned: the pictures are with the dimmer at 100% brightness and all other kitchen lights are off and it's dark outside.


I installed the Sylvanias also and needed a way to connect the wall wart. These worked out great to replace the old halogen j-box with a horizontal outlet.