Recommendations for behind-desk lighting?

Hey all,

Last night I wrapped up my work desk overhaul and I was thinking a light in the style of a Hue Play would be a great addition to light up behind my monitors.

But some sticker shock on the $130 needed to make that happen.

This piqued my interest: (Edit: actually nvm on this, it's not color)

I am also considering the $44 2 meter Sengled strip but was looking for other suggestions?

Trying to avoid a strip because light could directly shine out the window, trying to avoid that.

Here's what I am working with, obviously looking for something that ties into HE

A simple can light with your favorite bulb works great in corners.

The timing of this is fantastic, as I need the same thing as I tend to work when it's super early and super late (dark out) and am on Video call often where the shadows on my face are less than ideal.

I'm circling back around to the Hue Play again, $60 for a single one:

It doesn't include the power supply, but I do have an extra one in a bin somewhere.

I don't have anywhere behind to mount a lamp, besides that becomes less cost effective when one takes into account the $25 for a Sengled bulb + the cost of lamp

@morningz and @SoundersDude with such clean desks, you aren't working hard enough to justify any lighting. :wink:


Haha. What you are not seeing is right now I have 3 coffee mugs and about 80 reciepts all over the place. :slight_smile:
But, clean is how I start my mornings!

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Someone linked a tower light using an LED strip on here one day. A corner light made of pvc, but you couldn't tell it was pvc or something rigid.
I want to try this in my home somewhere. I just think it's cool.
Love the cat in the window, BTW.


The three coffee mugs is a pretty bad drinking problem (coffee wise) so early in the day. :wink:

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That thing would be exactly what I am thinking


I think it could be an easy diy project. And obscured because it's behind your desk. If you do it, I'd be interested in your build for it.

Very interesting find. I may do that too.

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Hey now, this is a safe zone.... :slight_smile:

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Sorry I woke up very accusatory this morning. I will try to check that at the door before I post from now on. Thanks for calling me on that. :wink:

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I just mix up the ol' 44 ouncer right away and avoid the interoffice "coffee judgement" :coffee:


I did something similar. I went with LED strips on the back of the monitor as I wasn't competing with a window behind the monitor but I think you would be ok. I also went with a straight 6500K white led strip as this is the recommended 'bias' lighting to make colors pop on your screen as well as reduce eye fatigue in darker environments. These lights were only $30 or so on Amazon. Powered by USB and I have a ton of USB AC adapters around the house. You could put the LEDs a few inches in from the edges of your monitor and be fine I'm sure.

I have mine hooked into a smart plug. Then using @stephack 's 'Boot Me Up Scotty' App and a Samsung Smartthings multi-purpose sensor, when I pull my chair out, the led strips on the back of the monitor turn on and the computer comes out of sleep mode. When the multi-purpose sensor is inactive for 20 minutes, the lights turn off.


This light is awesome! I wonder where the wires are power source are hidden!?

Mind sharing what strips you bought?

I'm not 100% sure this could actually shine light on my face though, I might need to go with a light that is a bit high up, not sure...

These are the light strips I bought:

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Cable exiting the right leg by the looks of it.


I ended up caving in and buying a Hue Play. Got it in yesterday, whipped up a piece of ABS to mount it on the monitor stand arm pointing it up and at the back wall

I'll definitely dig this for those late nights coding sessions