Recommendations for a door sensor with temperature (zigbee)

Currently own the Samsung Multi-purpose sensor but getting fed up of changing batteries every 4 months or so. Any recommendations on an alternative sensor?

I never found the sensors placed on a door to be a true representation of a rooms temperature.

Yes I know that but it's interesting to see the temperature variations

I don't like them anymore but do an ebay search for zigbee bulk

If you can find them, the Visonic MCT-340 E sensors report temperature.

Depending upon the location (how nice it needs to look), you could modify the sensors to use a pair of AA or AAA batteries. I ran a pair of SmartThings 2016 Multipurpose Sensors with AAA batteries and got 18 month battery life IIRC. Except I used a 3D printed enclosure to house the sensor and batteries -- it worked, but it was a real PITA. I definitely recommend not doing that and instead going with an external battery pack like this one:

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